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Fluorescent Phobia

Fluorescent Phobia is a symphonic rock sextet from Denver, CO. The band’s energetic sound is presented on their debut EP Incandescence. The five track EP is a demonstration of the sonic landscapes they have been carefully crafting since their formation at the beginning of 2013. Released in September of 2013, the EP features lush strings and robust guitar textures that spiral along with a playful and powerful rhythm section. The vocals of Brittany Mahoney and Matthew Paradis intermingle together to build haunting melodies at the front of the 6 piece, completed by Tallon Comcowhich on bass, Alex Griffin on drums, George Till on guitar and symphonist Damon DuPont. Their diverse sound is the sonic personification of a kaleidoscope, with various musical colors constantly rearranging themselves to create a mesmerizing experience for the listener.

Slightly less than a year after forming, Fluorescent Phobia have played at a slew of shows around Colorado, and released a single, as well as their EP. The band’s high-energy shows display their virtuosic musicianship, and their catchy grooves get audiences dancing. They have performed at The Denver Post’s Underground Music Showcase in July of 2013, and have opened for national acts Widowspeak and Pure Bathing Culture. Since releasing Incandescence, they have begun to work on a full-length album due out next year.

If Salvador Dali's paintings were translated into music, they would sound like déCollage. déCollage is a community of artists and musicians held together by its founding member, Reed Fuchs. Their shows are known for being theatrical, avant-garde, and free-spirited. Artists paint during their set to create a multisensory experience that transcends music. Their eclectic sound incorporates accordion, drum pads, glockenspiel, and a trash can drum kit, painted atop a canvas of found sounds Reed records {typewriters, trains, leaves, zippers, Zippos, circuit bending}. déCollage collects everything from Freud, John Cage, Tom Waits, Picasso and blends it with their own anomalous style. Reed delivers the lyrics with unique character and expression; exploring our fragmented, post-modern world through metaphysics, surrealism, abstraction, and most of all wonder! déCollage is interested in sounds for their own sake; in this way their music is World, the world of sound, the world's sound.

We Like Monsters

The history of the band is rooted in a nearly decade-long collaboration between veteran Colorado musicians Timothy White (vocals and keys) and Joe Crowley (guitar). The two began writing songs together as teenagers and maintained a creative partnership over the years. In their newest collaboration, Crowley weaves shadowy verses of rhythmic melodies that build to anthemic choruses. White seamlessly harmonizes on keys and cuts through the miasma with distinctive baritone vocals.

The duo is joined by native New Zealander Somchai Peri (bass) who brings a sharp rhythmic sense to the group. With roots in the DJ realm, his years behind the decks can be heard in the band's infectiously danceable sound. We Like Monsters is rounded out by trigger-man and accomplished jazz performer, Brian Campbell (synthesizer, samples and trumpet) whose understanding of arrangement and improvisation pull the quartet's varied skills together into a unified voice.

Pan Astral

Pan Astral brings a unique synthesis of experimental rock and electronic music together with an innovative songwriting style. Gabriel's soaring vocals are interwoven through each song in a low profile fashion that allows refreshing space for the instruments to shine through. Tad uses his guitar to layer tasteful, subtle melodies over the rich soundscape of Ryan's lap steel and Gabriel's synthesize
r, while Kipp's bass injects it with a high energy pulse of low end. Mike's driving drumming style brings it all together, focusing Pan Astral's infectious sound. Lyrically, Gabriel invokes stories and landscapes that leads the listener's imagination to an underwater love scene in one song or an abstract childhood memory in another. The band's performances are inspired in a way that lift the soul and foot alike and are sure to lead any room of listeners into their etherial world of lost and found lovers, disturbed temp workers, and invisible friends.

Safe Boating Is No Accident

Safe Boating Is No Accident crawled out from the morass of disappointments, disillusionments and muted desperation that can really only be found in the Midwest. But at least Leighton Peterson and Neil McCormick found the comic possibilities inherent in those experiences and a vehicle with which to create the musical equivalent of David Foster Wallace's great novel Infinite Jest. Rather than write some heavy-handed purely topical lyrics, these guys are postmodern tricksters who blur the line between humor, biting social satire and solid pop songcraft.

Initially part folk and avant-garde performance art, Safe Boating put on the kinds of performances people talk about for a long time afterward--from disturbingly dramatic faux break-ups on stage, to a reenactment of 2001: A Space Odyssey and a show that can best be described as a staged hostage-taking of the band where it was forced to perform in an alley and the audience saw McCormick's death and resurrection.

For its next chapter, Safe Boating is temporarily setting aside its overtly miscreant ways in favor of sculpting cathartic pop songs akin to what you heard out of the early Elvis Costello and The Jam. Still firmly in place is the sharp wit and playfully caustic conceptual humor that has been the group's hallmark from the beginning. The inspired hijinks will return without warning but Safe Boating has never been about gimmicks so much as involving those who show up in the moment if they dare.
-Tom Murphy

The Noise FM

Indie-rock trio The Noise FM has toured the country with multiple stops at SXSW, Summerfest in Milwaukee, Middle of the Map Festival in Kansas City, and shared the stage with the likes of Minus The Bear, Alkaline Trio, Glasvegas, Presidents of the United States of America, and more.

The Noise FM's energetic, beat -driven music has been featured in television shows such as MTV's "Made", the rebooted "90210", "Fox College Sports" and video games "SBK '09 Superbike World Championship," and "Tap Tap Revenge 3", among other high-profile placements.

"Tight and technically proficient, the Noise's music is often aggressive but always closely calibrated, with equal attention paid to searing melodies and killer riffs..." -

"The Noise FM aren't one-trick ponies as their songs are soaked with space rock guitars and well crafted vocal melodies that balance things out." -

""Whatever is is that The Noise FM is selling, I'm not only alert, but I'm buying..." -

"Top 10 Independent Artist To Watch" - Indie-Music.

Quantum Creep

Denver band. Former members of Lil' Slugger. Eric. Heath. Jowy. Justin.

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