Catfish Orchestra

Catfish Orchestra

Catfish Orchestra is a Rock N' Roll torpedo. A particular breed of Louisiana Hedonism, demanding you to "Shake it while you got it"! Music reflects the idea that while your able, you should spend your time swinging from the chandeliers.

Radioactive Red

A tale of two musicians... Greggor Chiasson from the band (Vedas) met a vocalist new comer Anna Mutate,after a jam session in a park they began writing together and performing Acoustic shows around New Orleans. The sound was coming together both vocalist bring a unique style to the music creating catchy melodic hormones over Slamin Rock! After searching for the right pieces to the puzzle Radioactive Red was formed.
Band Interests
Rockin the fuck out!
Artists We Also Like
A perfect Circle, Tool, Faith No More, Smashing Pumpkins, Silver Sun Pickups Etc.

$5.00 - $8.00


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