White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crime ("WCC") is a New York City based band that draws on the city and its ever-present energy in its creative process and lyrical imagery. Throughout its long history, WCC has long been a fixture at the best music venues in the area and is very pleased to return to The Cutting Room, joining Hot Lava in kicking off the warmer weather (we hope) and get a headstart on the Summer!

WCC, in its current lineup of Matt King, Scott Warren, Alan Sanders, David Gelman and Kevin MacKall, has been playing together for quite some time made up of some exceptional players with extensive touring, studio and writing credits. Our music has been or is currently in use on NBC's The TODAY Show, Lifetime TV, Fox Cable News and previous CDs have made the top 30 on several college radio stations having been in the top 30 locally on Pace University's radio station.

We frequently enjoy guest appearances by top touring and studio musicians during our shows adding a definitely random element to our shows. Our latest CD, Floor Aisle Room, has a number of such guests.

You can check it out along with other music at either www.whitecollarcrime.net orwww.reverbnation.com/whitecollarcrimenyc and of course you can visit us (and LIKE us) on facebook at WCC Facebook Page.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with WCC, the "it sounds like,.." conversation finds WCC’s music compared in reviews to:
- Uncle Tupelo and its alumni bands - Wilco and Sun Volt or the Counting Crows;
- a mix between that, Springsteen and/or Dire Straits, etc. or
- Lou Reed and J.J. Cale hang out with Knopfler and Springsteen.

So visit us on the web and then come visit us at The Cutting Room—hope to see you there!


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