Rustic Overtones

With a definitive sound that combines elements of radio rock and funk, Rustic Overtones are one of the most powerful live bands that you will see, ever. Dave Gutter's mind works in mysterious ways, and the resultant sound and fury set the Rustic Overtones apart. Having survived one of the most contentious record label battles in the history of recorded music, the band has risen like a phoenix from the ashes of the music industry wasteland to recapture the energy and enthusiasm that heralded their arrival on the music scene over a decade ago. Now with this renewed fire, they are taking to the road from their Portland, ME homes and will not rest until everyone in the world understands the power of the Overtones, Rustic.

3rd Left

3rd Left is a very hard band to describe. It’s a sort of Jazzy, Reggae/Funk, with rock overtones and melodic harmonies. Their songs change form and turn into new songs every show. You can call them a jam band if you want but that’s letting yourself off easy. Every song different from the next. You’ll have and epic 7 min. song in your face and then you’ll get hit with a 3 min. beauty. It’s like being at a concert and Al Green opened for Rage Against the Machine! Sounds ridiculous but they make it work. Zak Fey holds down the drums with an intensity you must witness to understand. He’s two drummers in one. He’s got the down beat, along with the aux. percussion that he throws in effortlessly. Bryan Pierce and Brian Hitchings hold down the grooves and the melody with an intent to please the ear. The vocals are what make the songs into something special. The harmonies that Zak and Hitch put together get a crowd singing along to every word. It’s the melodies and hooks that set this band apart from the rest. The jamming is incredible, and they are all amazing as individual players, but its the blend of music they put together that puts them on a whole other level. Crowds of fans, friends and family come to shows and get what they want and more every time. Make sure you check out a 3rd Left show near you, it’s just something you don’t want to miss!!

Maris And The Merry Rockers

Maris and the Merry Rockers are currently bringing their delightful blend of folk and reggae to fans in the greater Boston area and beyond. The group has performed at venues such as Brighton Music Hall in (Allston, MA), the Middle East Upstairs (Cambridge, MA), and Rockwood Music Hall (NYC); and in festivals including FIGMENT 2012 and MakeMusic Cambridge 2011. They have shared the stage with artists like Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad, Tubby Love, Eric Robertson and the Boston Boys, Cameron Galpi, the Van Gordon Martin Band, and Nick Hakim. Audiences hush to listen to the soft strains of "Oceanica," then sing along merrily with "The Nashville Song (Drink Till 4 A.M.)."

Their debut album is NOW AVAILABLE at!

Blueprint For A Riot

Fueled by a belief that music should be pushed as far as possible and all avenues of sound traveled, Blueprint for a Riot screams to be heard and refuses to be ignored. Blending infectious melodies with hooks rooted in Rock and Roll the band creates a bigger-than-life sound that fuses Alternative Rock with a touch of Brit-Rock. The members find influence in bands such as The Beatles, U2, Oasis, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and The Killers to name a few. Made up of four members each bringing a different personality and dimension to the band, these members are Michael Martin (vocals and guitar), Jon Sasor (guitar and vocals), Lars Wicklund (bass) and Scott Foster (drums). Individuality is encouraged, reflected and celebrated in the music they create. The four parts each voicing their interpretation of the song and the part they play in it.

Blueprint for a Riot started in August 2011 when Michael and Lars met through a craigslist posting and the two began playing any open mic they could find hoping to put the rest of the band together. From the beginning they knew what and who they were looking for and it didn’t take long to find them. First came Jon Sasor, a talented songwriter and guitar player with deep roots in Brit-Rock who blended in perfectly with the emerging dynamic of the band. Drums were not so easy to find as the band auditioned several players but didn’t find the right fit until Lars’ old friend Scott Foster emerged as a candidate. Scott, like Jon fit in perfectly and on November 11, 2011 the line-up for Blueprint for a Riot was complete.

With a complete band in place and a very good amount of very good original songs to learn the band got to work immediately in both polishing the songs and booking gigs. Blueprint for a Riot hit the ground running and in December of 2011 played its first show to much success, many, many gigs were to follow. The past year has found the band playing clubs from Boston to Portland, ME and down to New York City. The band had also made a few on-air radio appearances, being interviewed and performing some of their songs. Several of the bands songs have also been licensed through ASCAP for play on national and international television programs. Some of the bands songs have also landed on ESPN’S X-Games and made appearances in independent films. With so much accomplished in a years time the band looks forward to writing more music and playing as many gigs as possible in Boston and beyond.

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