Children 18:3

Children 18:3

Children 18:3 is a Punk Rock band out of Minnesota signed to Tooth & Nail Records. The band was recently in studio with Dove Award Winning Producer Travis Wyrick (10 Years, P.O.D., Dolly Parton, Disciple) to release their third full length record on Tooth & Nail, titled On The Run. They have toured with Norma Jean, Haste The Day, Brian HEAD Welch/Love and Death, Oh Sleeper, The Classic Crime, MyChildren MyBride, and The Showdown. The band is known for hits like "Homemade Valentine", "Cover Your Eyes", "All My Balloons", "Oh Bravo", and their latest single "Moment To Moment".

Syke 96 (formerly known as "Synergy") is a three piece Pop-Punk band consisting of Jay and Josh Rock, and Ryan Teater, formed in 2007. In March 2008, 5th graders Josh & Ryan & 8th grader Jay had their first gig in Golden! 4 years later, they have written over 25 original songs, cut a 5 song Demo CD in 2010 and have performed at numerous community events, fairs, festivals, charity events for children’s cancer & ill classmates, and local & nationally renowned venues in the Denver Metro area.

2011 saw Syke 96 cut an EP and record their 1st full 13 song album, 'Enough Said' with Mighty Fine Productions. They were featured Top Teens TV, KCDO Ch. 3, and in music magazines Colorado Music Buzz & Scene! They performed at Buffalo Bill Days in Golden, Capitol Hill People's Fair in Denver, several appearances at the D-Note in Olde Town Arvada, CO, Battle of the Bands, talent contests and 3 performances at Colorado's historic Gothic Theatre in Englewood, one with Best 303 Sounds.

In 2012, Syke 96 release a single called "Oh Suck!" and then had to change their band name from "Synergy" to "Syke 96" due to trademark issues with the name "Synergy."

Syke 96 is very passionate about their music. They continue to take lessons, write their own songs and are committed to improving their abilities and sharing their musical talent with others.

Stay Awake

Stay Awake was founded in September of 2011, formed by Nick Ross, Spencer Anderson, and Joe Marrero, the 3-piece set out to create an aggressive, unique sound all their own.

Playing shows throughout 2011 and releasing their first demo, they began to spread their name across the Colorado music scene.

In November of 2012, Destin Harper was added to the line-up. This started a new wave for Stay Awake. Traditionally a 3-piece, Destin came in as the new drummer as Spencer moved to the Bass.

In February of 2013, Stay Awake introduced Andrew Oakley as a new Guitar player for the group. This put Nick primarily on Vocals, while Joe and Andrew picked up the string work.

Looking towards the future, Stay Awake has many plans ahead. The band's first full length album is currently scheduled to be out in Autumn of 2013. Keep an eye out for this 5-piece headed your way straight out of Colorado.


NeverBreak is a groove metal band from Denver, Co consisting of Adam-Bass/Vox, Oj-Drums, Jesse-Guitar, and Spike-Guitar. The band formed in late 2010 and has been hitting the local music scene in Denver hard. Constantly playing large shows and broadening their fan base. Bands such as NeverBreak deserve to be heard and will leave you begging for more with their melodic yet hard hitting vocals, powerful guitars, deep technical bass playing, and tricky, fast drum work. Currently, NeverBreak is working on a self produced E.P that will be released very soon. Keep an eye out for this talented group of musicians, because this will not be last time you will hear of them.

No More Excuses

Formed in the fall of '09 No More Excuses set out on a journey of Epic proportions. They decided to start with facebook. "Rock n roll lost its edge, its supposed to scare your parents and make you wanna take ur pants off! We wanna bring that back."

$8 - $10


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