Drawing from acts as diverse as Ludacris, Britney Spears, and Broadcast, oOoOO marries hip-hop-influenced beats with pop melodies and experimental sounds.
"What Burial is to rave, oOoOO seems to be for relationship. These songs are the ghosts of love affairs and the spectres of sex and we should be celebrating this for what it is: a strange, emotionally unsettling model of pop music that is high on melody, atmosphere and subtle drama." – FACT MAGAZINE
"Like the Knife, Salem or Glass Candy, oOoOO stand at the strange crossroads between sanctity and sex." – xxjfg
"oOoOO opens timelines between Hypnagogic Pop and the present. And it turns it back to the edit, the cut up, still the best defense against the war on culture, still as beautiful as a safety pin through the face of the queen." – The Wire

Night Drive

Hi! We're Knifight and we have an EP titled, "Now We're Invisible" available on iTunes and knifight.bandcamp.com. We're a four-piece band with an incredibly energetic live show that plays gripping electronic, post-wave pop songs that include synthesizers, electric guitar, bass, and group vocals.

Described on several occasions as “better than expected,” The Nimbus is an electronic duo from Austin, Texas. Formed in late 2011 by Ritch Napierkowski and Martin McCreadie, sound engineers frequently found mixing other bands at several local clubs. Having spent the previous two and a half years working together on other projects, including SUBNATURAL which had placed five straight years in AUSTIN CHRONICLE MUSIC POLLS, the two began performing cacophonous pop songs tailored for cloudy days.

With musical influences spanning alternative and indie rock, trip hop, dub, industrial, jazz, blues, and more, they use haunting melodies, lush atmospheres and mangled electronics to envelop the listener. Mixed with a love of eclectic instrumentation and effects, the result is glitched electropop as foreign as it is familiar.

In the last year, The Nimbus has played a handful of packed lounge shows and recorded multiple demos as preparation for a forthcoming self released EP.

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