Ghost of Ivy

Ghost of Ivy

All original band out of Thornton, Colorado. A crunchy blend of melodic melodies, dramatic vocals,influences from multiple genres, rhythmic beats and a punch in the gut sound that will keep you wanting more!


We are an original rock band. Our backgrounds lie in heavy metal, prog, and anything else quality. Our influences are endless and ever growing. We are very song oriented, but leave room from prog and other quirks to find their way into our music.

Originally formed in the mid2000s, Nate and Nathan collaberated after leaving Torture Device's brief existence on the planet. The line up has shifted a little over the years, accompanied by a hiatus or two. Chris Curtis is a friend of Nate's and filled the void on bass, and Jeff is a friend of Nathan's and has replaced our previous drummers.

Sublingual is preparing to record a new record, beginning in April/May of 2011.


Pounding drums, screaming guitars, and thumping bass all blended together for a roller coaster ride of music and emotion.

Bipolar Bear

Bipolar Bear was formed on May 18th, 2012 by Justin Shapiro as a solo project. Previously in Spring 2012, the first songs were released via YouTube. Mike Barnes joined the band soon after as the drummer. After months of working on their craft and writing songs the band played it's first gig at the Grizzly Rock in Lakewood, CO on January 10th, 2013 despite the lack of a bassist and second guitarist. However, on January 28th Chris Davila was officially announced as the bassist but eventually departed from it on the eve of May 9th. The band plans on releasing a self titled debut EP this summer.


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