Mark Jungers

Mark Jungers

Emily Warren

Emily Warren – singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and bandleader – has always been known for her precociousness: she began playing the piano at 5, recorded her first demo by the time she was 14, and now, at 17, has already played at some of the most renowned clubs in New York.

Born and raised in Manhattan, Emily has absorbed the varied influences available to a young musician in the musical capital of the world. Her songs are both streetwise and sweet, and run the gamut from upbeat reggae to latin-tinged ballads to full-fledged rockers. Of course the musical glue is Emily's voice: confident, honest, and maybe a little bit mischievous. She is one of the recent winners of the Performing Songwriter Contest at the Berklee College of Music, and recently performed as one of 30 finalists at Pure Pop 2009. With the accolades rolling in, it seems only a matter of time before Emily Warren is a household name."


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