Ulrich Schnauss

"finely tooled machine rhythms ripple discreetly beneath the haze, and there are ominous undercurrents running through even the most blissed-out passages, as though to suggest that the illusion of weightlessness comes at a price." – Spin

"[Ulrich] is getting even more seductive with his sound." – Blackbook

At long last, Ulrich Schnauss is happy to release his latest record, A Long Way to Fall, on Domino Records. The album is the German-born electronic artist's labor of love, an solo album six years in the making. In honor of the release of the record, Schanuss has made like-minded producer Tycho's remix of "I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance" available for stream. Take a listen to the track, as well as Ulrich's original here.

A Long Way to Fall is Schnauss' fourth album, and finds the artist returning to the punchier rhythms and pronounced lead work of his landmark album, A Strangely Isolated Place. Comprised of ten new recordings, the album is Schnauss' most varied release to date. The percolating mood piece, "Broken Homes" recalls a more melodic IDM while the frenetic, mesmerizing "The Weight Of Darkening Skies" reaches new heights in tempo never reached before on Ulrich's previous releases.

The album will be accompanied by a pair of visual pieces from the acclaimed photography and visual art duo of Nat Urazmetova (Hidden Shine) and Anastasija Nikitina for the tracks "A Ritual In Time And Death" and "I Take Comfort In Your Ignorance." You can watch the first video for "A Ritual In Time and Death here.

Let's Drive to Alaska

The Electronic outfit known as "Let's Drive to Alaska" was created in 2004 by Chris Garcia. In his music, Chris speaks of many influences including cultures, books, friendsl and cites them as his main source of material. The project itself started as a means to create music to explore the instrumentation and sound in music. After receiving his first laptop in 2005 he began to write music and perform it with a strong focus on piano driven rock. Through out the years the sound has changed a bit, but has still maintained many of the fundamental aspects to it, Piano Driven pieces, live electronics and programming, and a strong emphasis on organic samples and production.



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