The Oarsman

The Oarsman

A broad stretch of lowly coast lay before the eyes of the men. It was of low dunes topped with dark vegetation. The roar of the surf was plain, and sometimes they could see the white lip of a wave as it spun up the beach. A tiny house was blocked out black upon the sky. Southward, the slim light-house lifted its little gray length.
It is fair to say here that there was not a life-saving station within twenty miles in either direction, but the men did not know this fact and in consequence they made dark and opprobrious remarks concerning the eyesight of the nation`s life-savers. Four scowling men sat in the dingey and surpassed records in the invention of epithets.
The light-heartedness of a former time had completely faded. To their sharpened minds it was easy to conjure pictures of all kinds of incompetency and blindness and indeed, cowardice. There was the shore of the populous land, and it was bitter and bitter to them that from it came no sign.
The billows that came at this time were more formidable. They seemed always just about to break and roll over the little boat in a turmoil of foam. There was a preparatory and long growl in the speech of them. No mind unused to the sea would have concluded that the dingey could ascend these sheer heights in time. The shore was still afar. The oiler was a wily surfman. "Boys," he said, swiftly, "she won`t live three minutes more and we`re too far out to swim. Shall I take her to sea again, captain?"
The Oarsman is a band from the Mid Western United States of America. We believe in God, true love, and the merits of suffering. Thank you for listening.

The Adopted

the adopted is Folk Band composed of three individuals from KC: Samuel Parkison, his wife, Shannon Parkison, and her brother Zach Eggert. Together they make music that highlights weighty lyrics and folky tunes. They hope you enjoy listening to them.



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