Appomattox, Thrillington, Eldest Son, Edmund II


Appomattox have been stunning music freaks with their uniquely frenzied sound and sneaky-catchy songs since forming in late 03. They are indie rock instant gratification. Fast, loud and awesome. Their tight, heavy, vigorous music, not laden down by too much instrumentation or showiness, has the kick-your-ass heaviness of favorite 90s bands like Fugazi and Shudder to Think yet with a sort of raw, aching quality to the vocals.


a quartet for the end of time

Edmund II

Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY, Edmund II began developing his approach to music in the underground rock scenes of the midwest. Forming the cello-rock band Utah! in '98, and touring US and Canada, Edmund II has shared stages w/ Guided by Voices, the Lemonheads, Ted Leo, Promise Ring, the Frogs and Menomena. After relocating, he commenced “rocking out” in the infamous North Carolina scene. Through various projects and cameo's, Edmund II performed and collaborated with the Rosebuds (Merge Records), Bowerbirds, and Megafaun.

With a tasteful chord pallete, Edmund II has gracefully evolved from rock and roll beginnings. He creates a very lush, mystical, and beautifully dark environment for his music with influences ranging from bossanova guitar, Tortoise, the Cure, Sigur Ros to Shellac.

After a substantial writing sabbatical in the fall of '09, Edmund II began the recordings for his first solo project. Conceptually in the making for 3 years, Edmund II's “Floating Monk” is a carefully crafted tale. The album is an artful balance of atmosphere and pop, but heavy in all the right places. Think Nick Drake meets Nick Cave meets Slowdive...surrounded by Doves.

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