Stone Cold Fox

Stone Cold Fox

Picture this: dreamy, folk-inspired tunes ignited by an aspiring musician's simple stroll in the city or while immersed in his own thoughts on a meaningless train ride. The concept seems almost too organic of an approach to songwriting to exist in the modern rock scene. Enter NYC's Stone Cold Fox - a group that echoes that exact raw musicianship and towers above anything you've ever heard because of it.

Toy Cities

Michael Nesci, Josh Harris and Mitchell Lee began making their brand of 80's
post-punk and 90's dream pop inspired indie rock under the moniker Toy
Cities in December, 2012. The Brooklyn based group spent the winter
locked away hashing out ideas to arrive at a sound that was awash in
spacious synths and buoyed by guitars dipped in modulating reverb.
Despite wavering and cascading tones, the band kept a tight focus on
melody and song-craft which keeps a pop underpinning below their dense

In the summer of 2013 the boys teamed up with producer Chris Moore (The
Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs , TV on the Radio) to make their first recordings as a
band. The group released the resulting three songs as singles and
began playing out in the NYC area. Inspired by on of those first
performances, director Nikolai Vanyo approached the band with the
concept for a music video for the single "Nostalgia Kills". Filmed in
one day in upstate New York, the video was released in early Fall of
2013. The band continues to play and plans to release their debut LP summer of 2014.

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