Jake Orvis and The Broken Band, Scene Of Irony, Stinkbomb, Opposites Attack, The Red Handed Bandits

Jake Orvis and The Broken Band

A founding member of The .357 String Band and current member of the Goddamn Gallows, Jayke Orvis is ahead of his time even though he plays timeless music. The songs on his solo effort “It’s All Been Said” are articles of the heart, exposing Orvis as a fragile, troubled soul. His depictions of love are raw and blue, the pages of his life littered throughout this album.

Scene Of Irony

St Louis' ENGLISH connection!
Maurice "Moe" Holmes(vocals, guitar)Donnell Robinson(drums)Shawn Combs(guitar)Shaughnessy Denney(bass, backing vocals)Our first projected date for eligibility into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: April 1, 2029


Stinkbomb began approximatly 3-4 years ago with Kriket on guitar, Charlie Garrison on vocals and other guys to fill in the rest. Fast forward 3 years and 12 (that's right 12) band members later and Stinkbomb finally found a solid lineup with Kriket on guitar, Joe Roe on bass and vocals, and Alex Freeman on Drums.

Opposites Attack


The Red Handed Bandits

When most bands have been at it for this long after enough hardship, they hang up their guitars and buy minivans. The Red Handed Bandits did another round of shots and got back onstage, and we aren't stopping anytime soon. After a few lineup changes and a hiatus we are out to make some noise in this town and wherever the road takes us. Those 5 kids that came out of a rural Illinois cornfield are still at it, and its only grown into a booze-fueled foulmouthed monster.

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