PointDexter's origins include a vast array of trials and influences, which contribute to their unique sound. The band was founded and titled by vocalist Kevin Kinsella in 2007 as a concept to revive a tired local music scene, with hard rocking educated musicians of a like mind. Like a carefully designed experiment of an angry scientist, PointDexter uses each member's musical proficiency to bring flavors of many genres together to promote this concept of rock revolution. These Influences from legends of past and present include The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Foo Fighters; as well as other genres like Classical, Blues, and Jazz all contribute to PointDexter's incredible musicianship and live performance. Even in the band's initial endeavors performing four hour sets in rowdy bars, Sacramento music fans took notice; leading to many performances at venues like The Boardwalk (Orangevale), Memorial Auditorium (Sacramento), Sleep Train Amphitheatre (Wheatland), and many other notable clubs.

In 2008, PointDexter recorded an EP at Paradise Studios with Kurt Shearer and Craig Long (credited with Cake's Platinum release Fashion Nugget) which led to a performance on 2008's Kevin Says Stage at Warped Tour as well as an endorsement deal with Monster Cable inc. As the band earned more opportunities, PointDexter began recording their first full length album (NeoAnomaly) with engineer/producer Jay Trammell (credited also with Early States EP release Power Lines) in 2009 and released it in May 2010. On June 17 2011, NeoAnomaly was released on Pandora online radio. In June 2010 Pointdexter recorded and released a single, Travis' Song. NeoAnomaly as well as a the single "Travis' Song" became available on iTunes in 2010. Before going into the studio for their upcoming album release On the Surface, Pointdexter collaborated with Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer Francis Buckley, who worked with Black Flag's first album Damaged and Alanis Morisette's Jagged Little Pill. PointDexter is currently rotating play on Pandora radio as well as local radio in the Sacramento region.

Currently, PointDexter is recording a new album with both Jay Trammell and Sean Stack (former guitarist of K Sera and now member of Early States) at Fat Cat Studios. Further pushing the objectives which the band was founded on, PointDexter is preparing songs pushing musical boundaries which will be a monument in the bands career. PointDexter also performs regularly live and is seeking more endorsements from reputable companies.

Element of Soul

Reggae/Folk/Pop/Rock band from Northern California. With an original sound that carries a strong and positive message, influenced from all genres of Life and music. EOS has been playing shows in the Sacramento and surrounding areas since 2009. From the biggest concert venues to the smallest of sports bars, this high energy act constantly has an affect on the crowd that causes dancing, singing, smiles, and laughter. Whether it's an acoustic set, the six piece jam band, or a full on dance party by DJ Zephyr, Element of SouL offers a diverse and genre friendly package of entertainment.

Humble Wolf

Humble Wolf has been labeled as an up and coming bright star in the Indie Rock music scene. That said, it’s really tough to call them strictly Indie as their musical endeavors on ‘Paper Thin’ take them all over the sonic landscape.

From soft and heartfelt songs such as ‘Make It Through The Night’ or ‘The World Is Just An Empire’ to powerful heavy-hitters like ‘No Envy’ and ‘There’s A Monster Inside You’ you’ll go for a ride when you listen to this one.

The emotions spill from the speakers as lead singer Jayson Angove delivers soft whispers and loud screams and leaves everything on the table.



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