Undying Will, South Of Sanity, Join the Dead

Undying Will

Undying Will is the love child of years of dealing with pre Madonna’s, flakes and non-understanding ignorance. We have created a band out of the talent that each person has brought to the table and with that, we were able to feed off each other’s plates.

Jason (vocals) met Ben (drummer) in 2007, trying to form a band with a self-destructing guitar player. After we shot that horse in the head and moved on, we recruited Joe (bass) who played for years in L.A. and finally settled in Fresno. Knowing this band would go nowhere without a guitar player. Ben brought in Ron (guitar) who has been playing in the Central Valley for years.

With that being said, we all share the same musical interest such as Iron Maiden and Pink Floyd and many other great bands that have inspired us to do what we love to do, and that is make music.

South Of Sanity

“South of Sanity stands with those truly talented bands that avoid conforming to anything for the sake of popularity. Though the guys don't aim to sound like anyone but themselves, they have a healthy dose of popular influences that can easily be heard in the music.” Ellen E, Eldridge - Target Audience Magazine

“South Of Sanity, metal-inspired with a melodic, well-produced sound reminiscent of Alice In Chains. South Of Sanity would certainly rock a local venue. This band is pushing ahead toward greatness. ”
Ellen E, Eldridge - Target Audience Magazine

“South Of Sanity shows that dedication and practice and emotion are what makes a true musician. This band is able to take feelings and put them into words and music. South Of Sanity is a great rock band"
Ashton - KRZR 103.7 The Wild Hare

Ever heard of SLUDGE? Well, that‘s the term their fans like to throw around to define the sound and genre of South Of Sanity. This band has performed with national acts such as The Bullet Boys, Attika 7, Bang Tango and Mary Magdelan. South Of Sanity has performed at the Modesto X-Fest and even headlined the famous Whisky a go-go in Hollywood. The band has a CD available on itunes along with some new singles they worked on with Adam Rupel from Systematic who not only learned recording techniques from Lars Ulrich of Metallica but was also signed to his label.

Each member of the band is from Central California and has a vast amount of influences so, don't be surprised if their sound claws it's way into your head. With the influences of modern day metal and hard rock to heavy metal, you just don’t get enough. South Of Sanity is reminiscent of Soundgarden, Godsmack, Black Label Society, Killswitch Engage, Alice in Chains and so many other great bands. South Of Sanity is a modern Sabbath like, Black metal Rock.

We hope you will enjoy the music of South Of Sanity because they bring it to the plate and shove it in your face!

Members: Danny Damore ( singer ) Chris Erickson ( drummer ) Gemini Asonte ( bassist )
Robert Moreno ( guitarist ) Andrew Rios ( guitarist )

Join the Dead

Join The Dead is a brand new Northern California based thrash band that draws its influence from bands like Violence, Exodus and Metallica.


Join The Dead are the start of what is looking to prove that 2012 will see a resurgence of the thrash scene! Taking lessons from Exodus, Forbidden, Violence and early Metallica, Join The Dead wear their heart (or sound) on their sleeve proudly!

Whether you like your thrash a little old school or you love the sounds of some of the newer era of thrash, thrash fans all over the world will be eating up the bands brand new self titled 4 song EP. Join The Dead features Michael Phillips (Deliverance, The Sacrificed, Fasedown) Paul White (Decadence) and Tim Kronyak (Deliverance) moshing it up on their debut release!

Watch for our debut EP on Roxx Records. The EP will feature 4 killer tunes entitled Mask of Fear, Out of Breath, Self Inflicted Pain and Idol Faith.

The EP will also be available in a very Limited Edition CD pressing that will also include 13 bonus tracks, featuring many previously unreleased demos and live recordings. Early recordings from some of the bands where the members of ‘Join The Dead’ got their start, such as Decadence, Testimony, fasedown and Deliverance. These long lost recordings include the likes of some amazing players including…Greg Minier, Tim Kronyak, Michael Phillips, Paul White, Jim Chaffin and Jimmy Brown to name a few. The CD release will include a full color booklet telling the story and history of many of these unreleased gems.

Many of these demos have never been available or heard by the general public. This musical journey can only be told by reading the story written by Michael Phillips and listening to the music on this Limited Edition CD. The additional bonus tracks and story will ONLY be available for a limited time and only on the CD pressing of the Join The Dead ‘EP’.

So whether you’re in the mood for some brand new thrash and hearing the start of what promises to be a great up and coming shaker on the thrash scene, or you want to hear a little musical history from the artists in ‘Join The Dead’, this release will offer something for everyone!

$8.00 - $10.00


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