Step Jayne, For Sayle, Miss Maddy's F Street Stompers

Step Jayne

Step Jayne is the idea that everything and nothing matters. Far from nihilistic, Theatripopsychedelia also functions as a placeholder. The project’s facilitator, JD Rudometkin is an unordained minister, in an attempt to re-orient himself. Having been trained in theological arts, Rudometkin has engaged in a re-programming of sorts, via music, theatre, art and videography, which he combines to create a sound and vision both familiar and foreign to the rock genre. He notes wide-ranging influences, from the ecstatic a cappella Slavic ancestral music of his youth, to the likes of Nick Cave, Tom Waits, as well as Composer John Rutter.
Based in Northern California, upwards of 15 musicians have functioned as Step Jayne at one time or other, as well as its incarnation into a solo project—size hinging on venue and relative ease (or its opposite). Frequently performing in intimate theatres under carefully engineered lighting schemes, Step Jayne is often considered more of a question set to music, rather than a bar room truth.

For Sayle

Miss Maddy's F Street Stompers

$5.00 - $7.00


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