The Lion's Daughter, Fister

The Lion's Daughter

RFT Winner 2011 Best Metal/Thrash Band

Lion's Daughter is the sort of band parents fear. There are certainly more abrasive and profane groups out there, but this trio's strain of Sabbath-worshiping metal comes off like the sonic embodiment of fire and brimstone. Lion's Daughter makes most doom-metal groups sound as heavy as the band from the Free Credit Report commercials. Distortion drenches the band's riffs like pig's blood on a prom queen, and Rick Giordano's growl is nothing shy of demonic. With a new split twelve-inch with Fister, Lion's Daughter commits its evil ways to wax — and allows your folks to play the record backward to discover the hidden messages. (The Riverfront Times)

If It's Too Slow, You're Too Young

The Fuck Off And Dies

At the end of their stint in Viet Nam, Col. Dan "Dan T. Christ" Marsala and his team were framed for robbing the Bank of Hanoi (which they had done, but under orders), and sent to a US military prison. They escaped and went on the run, pursued first by Col. Lynch and later by Col. Decker. While on the lam, they became heroes for hire, working as good-guy vigilantes around the US or the world. Marsala was their leader and an expert at disguises. Mark "Shark Attack" Dayton was the team's con artist and lady's man. BOD (officially "Black Out Down") was their mechanic, but also took care of mayhem and intimidation. The final member of the Team, "?" was an expert pilot, and a certified lunatic--they broke him out of a mental hospital whenever they needed him for a mission.

Better Days

fast. loud. old.

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