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Evi Da Prince

Rufus Broadus Jr. (born January 15, 1990) better known by his stage name Evi Da Prince is a native of Columbia, MO. Evi, stylized for representing St. Louis (STL), has stayed true to his Midwest roots and is an inventive rapper, musician, and lyricist. Evi discovered his passion for music at an early age, transforming his life experiences into lyrics that narrate his stylistic flows in a fresh way. Evi’s talent for self-expression is unlike any other rapper and his energetic, freestyle cadence can be compared to none other. In 2004 Evi along side of producer Tyrone ‘DJ Beatz’ Williams collaborated and began venturing to venues throughout the Midwest to perform original songs they had produced. Success was not instant, but his consistency started to pay off when Evi began to gain more fans onstage and off, who respected and engaged in his music. Evi continues to work with producer, ‘DJ Beatz’. Evi Da Prince is currently signed to Savage Block Productions LLC ran and owned by Djtsav. Evi connected with Savage Block Productions years ago after realizing him and Djtsav shared the same goals. With the newest mixtape released “More About the Music” Djtsav asked Evi to go personal with this project to give his fans a inside look into him as a person. With downloads increasing and physical copies out Evi is working on his next project moving back to the fun and energetic music he has been known for. Evi is one of three artist under Savage Block Productions LLC and plans to continue to climb the ladder of success till both his and his teams goals are reached.

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