Jonwayne (Stonesthrow)

So Cal native Jonwayne is an integral member of the LA beat scene's second generation whose music has been bouncing between the walls of Low End Theory for months.

Originally involved in the local underground music community as a spoken word artist and rapper, Jonwayne soon found himself at the Airliner on Wednesday evening for Low End Theory. After experiencing a mind-blowing night at the club, the young artist discovered new creative inspiration and started making music. A tape of his raw, sticky and blunted beats made their way into the hands of Daddy Kev, and soon Jonwayne's debut full-length album Bowser was born.

Andrew Thaggard aka BoomBaptist aka Thesaurus Rex aka DJ Malt Diisney. BoomBaptist has updated the classic 90’s Boom-Bap formula developed by golden era hip-hop greats Dj Premier, Pete Rock, and J Dilla. Blending the old with the new, the Texas beat-maker has found his sound. Over a short period of time BoomBaptist has become a lead figure in the Texas electronic bass/beat scene, developing his own collective, “Applied Pressure” and exposing Austin to what many consider to be, the genre-less genre. His recent invitation to baptize the world-famous “Low End Theory” cemented his position as a front-runner in the new wave of forward-thinking electronic musicians.

Total Unicorn

Total Unicorn harvests raw astronoble vapors to imbue communal thoughtspace with its peculiar halation. Between composer, Lyman Hardy III (Unicorn Orange Venti), and visualist, Stephen Hal Fishman (The Microcorn), floats a dying star, pulsing inexplicable sci-fi narratives, ricocheting off bulbous, elastic beats. Choreographer, Lindsey Taylor (Unicorn Pink), kicks the audiovisual sausage-fest to the future with her futuristic kicks.


Aaron Miller aka Multi-Tracker is an electronic artist, jazz guitarist and drummer.

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