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Searching for Sanity

Searching for sanity is a 4 piece band from Coweta, Ok. Formed in 2009 after Joey Barrows returned from war. Charlie Ledford and Joey Barrows, which grew up together. Started scouting for more members for the band. We recorded on June 26th 2010 our first EP titled “DARK X” with Hank Charles at Valcour Sound. We continued to play many shows locally, including a food drive for our home town. We recorded our second CD “RETURN FROM EXILE” June 2011. In January of 2012 Jeff Orr and Tommy Spears joined Searching For Sanity. Back in the studio May 2012 recorded “THEARPY“(not release yet). We have since continued playing local and out of state venues.

Shows we have played
Black Gold Music run/Camp Debauchery at Rocklahoma 2011/ The Marquee/ Cain’s Ballroom/ Live on Z104.5 The Edge/ and several local venues.

Nominated for Best live performance and Best Metal/Hard Rock Band at the 2011 and 2012 A.B.O.T. music awards.

CD’s Dark X, Return from Exile, Therapy.

Bands we have shared the stage with.
Drowning Pool
Bang Tango
Texas Hippie Coalition
Powerman 5000

OLDMAN is a hard hitting group that thoroughly enjoy their time together, on and off stage. Always bringing 110% weather it be in a rehearsal spot or onstage, since their formation in early 2013, but onstage is where this group REALLY shines!! Drawing inspiration from all genres of music from metal to country and everything in between, the members of OLDMAN have been playing on stages for over 12 years!! Keep your eye out and your ears open because OLDMAN is coming!!!

A Metal band from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Formed in 2013, DRYVR came together when 5 regional touring musicians, Adam Raymond, Jude Wanasinghe, Robin Schmid, Nathan Laird and Mike DePetrillo, who have played together before but never all in the same band, decided to join forces and create something new. Each member brings years of live performance, stage presence and dynamics to the table. Opening for national touring acts, getting local media and radio attention and bringing increasingly larger crowds to their shows, DRYVR is currently working on videos, recording new original music in the studio, and touring throughout the Midwest.

Electric Funeral

This Ultimate OZZY Sabbath era band formed in 2001. Driven by his love for.Tony Iommi.. and ..Black Sabbath.., ..Electric Funeral.. was the vision of Heavy Metal guitarist Tim Graham. But the man who once met ..Ozzy.. on a sidewalk in L.A. did not guess that his efforts to recruit band members would turn up ..Skitzo.. front man, ..Lance Ozanix.., a veteran ..Ozzy.. impersonator. 2011 Bassist is Keyo from Vicious Rumors he normally shreds guitar but loves Sabbath & has mastered that Geezer tone..Electric Funeral.. hired former ..Outrage.. and ..Ashen Idol.. drummer, ..Liz Daniels.

Did you see ..Black Sabbath.. in 1979? Now you can!
The set list:....War Pigs..Paranoid..Iron Man......Electric Funeral..Children Of The Grave..Symptom Of The Universe..Sabbath Bloody Sabbath..The Wizard..Behind The Wall Of Sleep..NIB..Into The Void..Snowblind..Cornucopia..Lord Of This World..Killing Yourself To Live..After Forever..Sweet Leaf..Lord Of This World..Spiral Architect..Hand of Doom....Did we overlook your favorite ..Sabbath.. song? Just let us know!

Dirty Crush

Dirty Crush is a rock n roll band out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is the culmination of driving bass riffs, heavy rock beats, mesmerizing guitar leads, powerful vocals and a rock n roll attitude that forms a unique style they like to call “Dirty Southern Rock”.
Dirty Crush was formed in 2012 from a simple desire to just play real rock n roll music. The show they put on means as much as the music they play and write, resulting in a genuine, fast paced, full-throttle rock n roll experience.
The band is made up of musicians who have been playing since childhood, perfecting their skills and finding their own styles. Musical influences are all over the place, from heavy metal and 80’s rock to blues, blue grass, grunge and even some country. These influences have contributed to the well rounded and tight sound you will find at a Dirty Crush show.

This group of guys, whose talent and creativity have been honed in the local music scene, have played in various bands including Cue Last Image, Shock Culture, Static, Through the Thorns, Driven. Nasty Neighbor Being a big fan of local venues, they have played The Tree House, The Venue Shrine, Ole Memorial Lounge, Tankz, White Crow, Zombie Lounge, Copperhead Bike Rally & Battle of the Bands, and private parties. Dirty Crush is a rock n roll good time where no one leaves unsatisfied and everyone has fun.

$8.00 - $10.00


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