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Piano Piano

Piano Piano was founded in Seattle Washington in late-2011, formed by four acquaintances and past
collaborators. Driven by a mutual appreciation of all forms of music, the mission was to traverse new
stylistic and technical boundaries in an immediately accessible context, with both careful consideration for
the listener and utter disregard to serving anyone except the song. It is a personal journey of four
musicians within the whole. Musica gratia musica. The rest is filler.
Piano Piano’s debut full-length album, ‘When I was not in Myself, No One Alarmed Me’, will be released
on August 18th 2013. The album was recorded and mixed at Bear Creek Studio in Woodenville, WA by
Jerry Streeter (Blonde Redhead, The Lumineers). Mastering will be performed at Sterling Sound in New
York City by Greg Calbi (Mogwai, Grizzly Bear, Shearwater, Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, Low, Sunny
Day Real Estate). The album was predominantly tracked live to cature the purest possible essense of
Following an affinity for a diverse, constantly evolving, and ever-expanding web of influences in all
genres, ‘When I was not in Myself, No One Alarmed Me’ was composed and refined in little more than a
year. While not a concept album per say, the material is meant to be experienced in a single sitting as a
cohesive entity, and song transitions are intended to flow seamlessly. The band is already composing
new material, which will serve as a step forward into ever-more uncharted and nuanced territory. The
future is open.

Please contact pianopianoband@gmail.com for all press and booking inquiries.

Slow Bird

Slow Bird is an American indie rock trio, created in Seattle, Washington during March of 2011. The musical collaboration was conceived by Joshua Dore (guitar), Matthew Street (drums, bass), and Jennae Quisenberry (Fender Rhodes, vocals.) Intensely dynamic, the composition flows with constantly evolving tones and interludes which ascend into pivotal zeniths of emotion. The soaring guitar leads compliment the haunting vocals which constantly cascade into visceral sentiment; submerged with rich bass tones and driving drums. The experience elucidates the audience into full attention, the termination of which leaves the listener plummeting back into tumultuous reality.

Listed by DLIST magazine as one of Seattle's up and coming artists to watch in 2013, Slow Bird recently returned to play at the Show Box Market after a month long national tour supporting Minus the Bear & INVSN (Dennis Lyxzen of Refused).

“Layers of instrumentation coupled with her haunting vocals sound almost eerie, and I can only imagine how it might surround an audience member in a concert hall.” (Midwest Action)

“Few bands can deliver a debut of such undeniable beauty and emotion. In a year where there have been so many fine releases, Slow Bird stands out from the crowd”. (Floorshime zipper boots blog)


First off, what's with the name anyway? What (if anything) does Tokyoidaho mean? Could be an oblique reference to Seattle and where it sits geographically and culturally, (somewhere between the neon-future and the old west) but then with you being a perceptive sort, you might be skeptical of that explanation, and then I would be forced to admit that weird mash-ups are the only googleable names left in this crazy mixed-up world!

O.K. so now you might be saying to yourself, I'm a very busy person. Could we get to the point of this already? What exactly does Tokyoidaho SOUND like anyway? Will I even LIKE it? I could start with some descriptive adjectives like, "Crunchy" or "Squishy" or maybe even "Interesting" to describe the bands' sound, but that would surely be too vague and just confuse things more than
clarify wouldn't it? I guess in that case I could try the classic music journalist comparison device and say they sound like " Radiohead meets Pink Floyd at a middle school kickball tournament circa 1978," or maybe "Like a cross between vintage Eno and Ringo’s drumkit falling out of the back of a 12-passenger van ",
or if I was feeling particularly inspired then maybe I could say something like "The ghost of Curtis Mayfield in the middle of a heated funk workout with a malfunctioning R2-UNIT", but those descriptions would just make them sound pretty silly and pretentious and that is NOT the effect we are going for here! I reckon the best bet we have then is to just listen to the music and see what you (oh person with impeccable taste you) think of it? Is it your cup of tea? One lump or two?!!

Badwater Fire Company

Many people believe that music has already had its golden age; that the ideas that were fresh and new will be forever repeated. Indeed, it is fact that modern music builds itself almost entirely from musical phrases and norms developed sometime ago. That does not mean however, that all music produced today is destined to repeat the past. The very existence of our flourishing music scene reveals the public's desire for something new. If everyone were truly bored there would be no concerts, no downloads, no merchandise. The music fans of today are desperately calling for something original and exciting. Their cries echo together and ask, "Where has the purity and excitement in music gone?"

Badwater Fire Company might just be the answer to that question. With an overwhelming range of influences, Badwater Fire Company is intent on rebuking the adage "seen that, heard that." By moving from songs such as "Monarch Bar Fly", which journeys from pop/punk to lounge jazz and eventually death metal, onto "Into The Vines", a western rock and roll tune with a touch of psychedelic flair, Badwater Fire Company is showing the public they can manipulate music to become something new once again.

The devious mind of founder Shane Rossmiller creates complex guitar lines coupled with raw, soulful vocal harmonies. Bassist Michael Pearson, a bass player with the skill and precision of a lead guitarist, and Drummer Matthew Singler, a classically educated drummer with the ability to create something unique and new with every driving beat, complete the wall of sound that is Badwater Fire Company. With a foundation of classic American rock, Badwater can appeal to and attract both elementary rock fans and classic connoisseurs alike. On any given night, Badwater Fire Company can draw a substantial crowd by appealing to a plethora of genres. The name alone is beginning to create and exciting stir in the Northwest. The public is quickly beginning to realize that Badwater is not your average band.

The raw energy and emotion that a Badwater Fire Company live show exudes is truly worth experiencing. Badwater is a classic power trio that covers a wide range of musical tasks. For each member, Badwater is a journey, an opportunity to progress both as a group and individually. It's a doorway to a deeper knowledge of music, its inner workings, its history and its infinite possibilities.

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Piano Piano's debut full-length release show!

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