DaVinci, Main Attrakionz

Expect no gimmicks from San Francisco-bred emcee, DaVinci. Though his upbringing in the historic Fillmore District is a far cry from its jazz heyday, he represents a new generation of post-Reaganomic crack-era rap, whose often-unwitting participants had to hustle to survive past their adolescence. “My music has everything to do with my environment: from robbing, killing, pimpin’ to selling and abusing drugs…to family, gentrification, and shit, just havin’ fun,” he explains about his heavy content. “It’s a direct reflection of what my friends and family have been through and are still going through.”

Since dropping his debut album The Day The Turf Stood Still last year, his rise has been meteoric, becoming one of the first SF emcees to be featured at A3C, CMJ, and SXSW Music Festivals with multiple showcases, earning himself a coveted spot on 106.1 KMEL’s Bay Area’s Freshman 10 of 2010, and guest appearing on DJ Muggs’ Shade45 radio show ”Soul Assassins Radio: The West Wing”. Soon to come is another SWTBRDS release this summer, the Feast or Famine EP, followed by his much-anticipated sophomore release The Moena Lisa.

Main Attrakionz

Hailing from North Oakland, California, Squadda B and Mondre of Main Attrakionz have been rapping together for most of their young lives. Early on, a shared love of rap music led them to put school on the back-burner and focus on producing music with a talented crew of local artists. Over the ensuing 7+ years, (and with an added assist from the world wide web and social media) Main Attrakionz have cultivated a unique and passionate sound, combining opaque atmospherics and lived-in reality rhymes, that stands as one of the most interesting and refreshing in the crowded and fractured world of today's rap underground.

Squadda B, who doubles as both producer and rapper, has an instantly identifiable production style that draws from regional rap styles like hyphy and mobb music in the Bay Area, Memphis mixtape obfuscation and the NYC street rap of C-N-N, but also maintains pop accessibility through his use of booming 808s and melodic, floating vocal clips. Simply put: this music sounds like nothing else out right now. Their collaborations with like-minded artists such as Lil B, Clams Casino, and Shady Blaze have only added to post-digital sonics Main Attrakionz have cultivated over the last 2 years.

A relentless stream of solo and collaborative releases in 2011, including I Smoke Because I Don't Care About Death, The Shady Bambino Project, Dope Since '91, and their most definitive statement to-date, 808s and Dark Grapes II, have turned heads not only among those on with an Internet connection and an interest in rap music, but have landed them acclaim from publications such as Pitchfork, The NY Times, Complex Magazine, The Fader, SPIN, and Fact Magazine. As the year winds down, Main Attrakionz have a couple of surprises still up their sleeves before turning their focus towards a debut LP, set for release in 2012.

Young Gully

You wanna know the definition of gas? Look no farther than East Oakland emcee Young Gully. Combining high octane lyricism with a wisdom acquired from years in the streets, Gully has built a reputation for "gassing" (Oakland slang for going hard) on every beat he touches. "Rappers have the voice of Oakland," says Gully - but unlike most Oakland rappers, he wants to use his voice to inspire the community, rather than perpetrate the same cycle of violence and drug abuse. "Oakland is a good city and it’s not just what’s on the news.But you can’t avoid the violence either."

Shady Blaze

Shady Blaze is one of the Bay Area's most well known double time rappers, combining rapid fire flows with honest depictions of his life spent growing up in East Oakland. He has been rappin since the age of 11, and is currently a member of Green Ova records along with Main Attrakionz. In February of 2011, he dropped his first major project, Shady Bambino, which was produced entirely by Squadda B of Main Attrakionz, and was the starting point to building his online buzz. His 3rd album, Rappers Aint Shit Without A Producer, featured production from Clams Casino, Ryan Hemsworth and Keyboard Kid, and earned the #18 spot in Spin Magazine's "Top 40 Albums of 2011", and the #38 spot in Spin's "Top 50 Mixtapes of 2011". Both of these projects were part of a one year stretch in which he impressively released 6 albums between February of 2011 through February of 2012. That year built a lot of attention that eventually led to him being voted into Thizzler.Com's "Bay Area Freshmen 10, Class of 2012". On May 16th, 2013, Shady dropped his latest project entitled "The 5th Chapter", which features production from DJ Burn One, Friendzone, and Al Jieh as well as provides fans further perspective into his life's trials and tribulations.


Best known for his production work with Davinci & The Main Attrakionz, Ammbush released his debut album Ammbaataa. "Ammbaataa" is rising Bay Area producer Ammbush's foray into the spoken rap world. The project features Mr. Ed, Hollywood Squadda of Main Attraktionz, E.L.S., DaVinci, DJ Platurn and Tyranny Allen, and production was handled by Ammbush himself, Al Jieh, Rel, YS Beats and others. He represents the SWTBRDS, Drums & Ammo & Oakland Faders crews with this project.


Praised by hip-hop enthusiasts as a young rap prodigy mature beyond his years, sayknowledge has a penchant for matching "highbrow" lyricism, with street accessibility. He has a dizzyingly malleable flow, stretched wide by a broad range of multigenerational pop-culture references. Raised in San Francisco, he started making music at a young age, pushing the hyphy movement with his friends until they saw it slip away into commercialism. Eventually he struck out on his own, forging new sonic paths influenced not only by the Bay Area sound, but also classic R&B, soul, reggae, & funk music. He recently released his first full album entitled "Vibe Called Quest", which was produced Mars Today & Mikos (40Love).

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