Hanni El Khatib

Hanni grew up in San Franscisco, California. The son of Palestinian and Filipino immigrants and the first American in his family, he became obsessed with classic Americana and pop culture of the 1950s and 60s. Influenced by pioneers of early rock and r&b (Johnny Burnette, Sam Cooke, Johnny Cash), El Khatib created a musical aesthetic to match his vision. The multi-instrumentalist serves as singer, songwriter & producer for his one-man band (live he is joined by a drummer) that is part blues, part garage rock, part soul, part folk & part doo whop.

As the creative director for HUF and lifelong skater, El Khatib professes to a love for well-crafted objects: classsic cars, cans pomade and stiletto switchblades. This craftsmanship carries over into his music, where El Khatib is inspired and informed by the specificity of a guitar tone or the fuzziness of an amp sound . His background in DIY and skate culture manifests as a desire to "keep mistakes in" and make things "as raw as possible." Merging primitive rock sounds with punk aesthetics, El Khatib toes lines between all genres and ends up firmly in his own.

His diverse interests in music, zines, art, photography, and film, converge around his singular personal aesthetic, which reveals itself in all of El Khatib's work. Combining the old weird America with the brave new frontier of home recording, El Khatib bridges the past and the present to create music that already sounds timeless and were written for anyone who's ever been shot or hit by a train.

Bass Drum Of Death

BDOD is lead by John Barrett, tied deep into Mississippi's Cat's Purring Collective, who've fostered releases from Dead Gaze and Dent May to mention a few. Pretty much anything awesome happening in and around the Mississippi garage base is happening within contact of those cats.

Madison, Wisconsin’s psych-punk duo The Hussy return with GALORE (Southpaw Records), their first full length since 2013’s critically acclaimed Pagan Hiss! Last year’s split 12” with Digital Leather featured a darker, denser side of The Hussy. On the split, Shawn Foree (Digital Leather, TIT) intricately tangled synthesizers into The Hussy’s signature lo-fi scuzzpop that fans had come to expect. The result was a unique mini-album that stirred the band into new audio territory. GALORE takes things in a slightly different direction…almost entirely abandoning keyboards for the sonic textures of various guitars, amplifiers, effect pedals, violin, lap steel and percussive elements. The underlying sonics may have morphed, but the hooks and guy/girl interplay are immaculately omnipresent…this may be the Hussy’s catchiest and popiest record to date! Recorded onto ¼” tape with a Tascam 388 by Bobby Hussy in the band’s practice space, the DIY lo-fi aesthetic is still fully baked into it all. GALORE’s polished but slightly perforated sound hints at the slew of previous material The Hussy have released, while significantly stepping things up through a richer, more expansive sound palette. This is the first Hussy LP with bass guitar added to the entire record, marking it as somewhat of a turning point for the band. GALORE showcases The Hussy at their creative peak, crafting concise pop gems that evolve and devolve after every listen while always definitively being The Hussy. The years the band has spent touring, recording and honing their seemingly telepathic connection have amounted to a vast and varied catalogue rivaling even the most prolific artists of the current garage/punk/whatever underground. Last year saw the band opening and backing the masked madman NOBUNNY himself on tours through North America, Australia and New Zealand. The Hussy also toured with The Faint in 2014, and they have played shows with The Reigning Sound, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, King Tuff, King Khan and BBQ, Local H, White Fence, Black Lips, Nots, Blind Shake, Digital Leather, Kadavar, Useless Eaters and too many others to name. The Hussy most recently the Midwest, East Coast and Southern United States in June 2015 and Europe followed in August 2015.

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