Minor Mishap Marching Band CD Release Party!

"Nothing compares to the gesamtkunstwerk of a Minor Mishap show, with members parading around like anarchist, psychotic bumblebees on Adderall, blowing music outta variously sized sound holes, standing atop bars, stages, and one another. The vibe is so, so very celebratory, even the crustiest curmudgeon would crack a grin... Happy is back." - The Austin Chronicle

Minor Mishap Marching Band is a 25-piece renegade brass band: Bourbon Street meets Budapest. Minor MIshap is an unruly and large group of musicians, full of surprises, wearing black and yellow costumes, swarming the room, and playing on stage as well as among the audience. They play original songs composed by the band-leader and conductor, Datri Bean, as well as Klezmer and Roma songs from Eastern Europe.

This sexy night of dancing and frivolity includes an underwear and '70's mustache costume party. Minor Mishap underwear and panties will be for sale at the door, and audience members are encouraged to wear them throughout the evening. Prizes will be given for most ridiculous mustache, and gender-bending fabulousness is strongly encouraged. A necklace with download code for Minor Mishap's new EP is included with the cover price.

Minor Mishap will perform two rowdy sets. Foot Patrol starts off the evening, and Mishap DJs spinning dance hits from the 70s and 80s will close out the evening.

"Its as if all the hooligans that got kicked out of marching band for their boisterousness and punk rock covers came together and formed a circus-punk-brass band." - Do512

Foot Patrol

Foot Patrol is a band that smellebrates the wonders of the Foot. Yes, we're taIking dogs, gunboats, call them what you will, those sometimes smelly appendages are the subject of Foot PatroI's amorous attentions. TJ Wade, the blind singer and keyboard virtuoso happens to have a strong attraction to feet, and if you are incIined to find that odd, consider this:

"In August 2OO6, AOL released a database of the search terms submitted by their subscribers, In ranking only those phrases that included the word "fetish; it was found that the most common search was for feet, " --Wikipedia

Yes, Foot Patrol is all about feet, as in making your feet move to funky grooves that combine l98Os Minneapolis funk with Hip Hop, James Brown, New Wave, Funkadelic, video game music, and many more influences in an absurdist postmodern celebration.

Producer Hung Nguyen, who plays bass in the band, began his musical collaborations with TJ while the latter was a student at the Texas School for the Blind. After graduation, TJ went on to work with such artists as Dwayne Wiggins, Keyshia Cole, and Krucial Keys. The experience left TJ largely dissatisfied with the mainstream music industry and he eventually resumed his collaborations with Mr. Nguyen.

In 2OO6, they recorded the first Foot Patrol record ''Toetry in Motion'' and performed live as a duo. in 2OO7, the band was expanded to include guitarist Austin Schell, drummer Jeff Hoskins, and a dance duo led by dancer/choreographer Mari Akita. By the end of the year a three piece horn section was added and the Foot Patrol experience was complete.

During this time Foot Patrol became a ''must see'' act in the Austin music scene. Their live shows feature dramatic lighting, police/courtroom costumes and skits, irresistable grooves and outrageous choreography from the androgynous dancing duo, Officer Johnson and the quixotic Candy Corns.

Foot Patrol is a unique and ethnically diverse group that would make Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition proud. The members' ethnicity range from Vietnamese, Japanese, Mexican-American, African-American, Turkish- American to Anglo-American. Together, they present a fresh and singular take on funk music. Their combination of showmanship, humor, and accomplished musical skills help to transcend the gimmicky trappings of other themed bands. in their short existence they have self-released three full length cd's and one ep: ''Toetry in Motion'', ''Smellabration'', ''Foot Worship Queens'', and ''No Small Feat.'' They are currently working on a new cd entitled ''Pussyfooting'' and a self-produced documentary about the band.

$10.00 - $15.00

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