Desoto Jones

Desoto Jones

Rock & Roll is still very much alive. You can feel it in the raw energy of Desoto Jones, a band which blends contemporary sound with the roots of American Rock.

The ragged intensity of Desoto Jones is reminiscent of the early days of grunge and alternative, but is also pleasantly sophisticated; the band skillfully fuses ear-grabbing melodies with soulful, introspective lyrics. Their music is an inquest of candid expression, but the band doesn't try to wax philosophic; its lyrics grow from real, relatable experiences.

Desoto Jones’ DIY work ethic has paid dividends. Recently, the band’s music has been featured on MTV programming such as, “Jersey Shore” and “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes” through an innovative partnership with MTV-affiliated Hype Music. In addition, the band has previously shared the stage with artists such as Spacehog, Anchor & Braille (members of Anberlin), Schematic (members of Mae), A Simple Plan, Candlebox, Carolina Liar, and Ed Kowalczyk (of Live).

The new album, Shapeshifter, is the result of a successful Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign. Fans can expect an album with no bells or whistles, no dance beats, and no synthesizers to add artificial flourishes to the band’s straightforward delivery. With guitars, bass, drums and soaring vocals, it’s just straight-up rock music.

Sleepers Lie

Four friends. Parties. Brews. Rippin. Skateboarding. Fireworks. Punk Rock. Real Life. Jersey Fresh. x413x

Michele Karmin

Michele Karmin has been writing music well before she was in her teens but it wasn't until the release of her first full-length pop/rock album,"This is the Story" that the young singer/songwriter began to make a name for herself. However, merely a few months after the record dropped, she abruptly shifted musical directions with the recording and release of her first piano composition, "Six Years". The single garnered much attention for its haunting melody, and soothing vocals which ultimately led Karmin to her first music video and debut sound.

At just 25, the South Jersey born songwriter has already independently released three albums and is currently in production with her forthcoming project. With the new record on its way Michele Karmin notes that it is quite a re-introduction to her sound. "I have decided to embrace my alternative roots a bit more with the intention to deliver music that is authentic to who I am and without the constant speculation of what will or will not work in the music industry. I'm going with flow, not second guessing myself and just letting the music take me wherever it wants to go." (

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