GT NVLVD! (ex-Glassjaw, Thursday, From Autumn To Ashes), The Revere

GT NVLVD! (ex-Glassjaw, Thursday, From Autumn To Ashes)

Punk/Hardcore/Metal/New Wave from NYC, featuring former members of Glassjaw, Thursday, From Autumn To Ashes, and more!

The Revere

"THE GREAT CITY", the Revere's first full-length , is the first installment of a two part journey concerning individuals called in a dream to follow the Old Man to an unknown destination. The Great City is available for FREE DOWNLOAD exclusively at AMAZON.COM.

An instrumental band from West Chester/Reading PA with influences such as Minus the bear, Maserati, The Mars Volta, Irepress, and The Mercury Program.

Jaguar Shark

Slick rock and roll from Jersey/NYC.



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