The Everymen, Life Eaters, Black Wine, The Brooklyn What

The Everymen

Up from the trenches of the Jersey Shore, The Everymen conjure punk rock of a non-era, like the soundtrack to a '62 acid frat party.
Bikers and beauty queens, sluts and delinquents, pretty girls and sissy boys, junkies and lovers, fools and fantastics. It's a traveling freak revue, a psychedelic soul sensation and we're all Everymen. So wax up that sax and rev up that Hemi, let's take a ride baby, let's take a ride.

The Everymen are Mike V on rhythm axe and lead thunder, Catherine Herrick on the sexy croon and broken tambourine, The Connecticut Kid with the flaming guitar, The Zillitones Scott and Jamie on honking horns and 4-stringed guitar, The White Tygah on keys, Four On The Floor Fiedler and The Zen Master on drums.

Black Wine

Black Wine are an American punk rock band formed in 2009 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, after Jeffrey Schroeck left The Ergs! and Miranda Taylor and J Nixon left Hunchback.

The Brooklyn What

The Brooklyn What are a NYC born and raised rock n' roll band that formed in 2006, started by a group of friends that grew up playing music together. Inspired by the perfect three minute pop of Guided By Voices, underdog poetry of The Replacements and New York guitar grit of Sonic Youth, they have been bringing their visceral and irreverent live act to venues near and far, inspiring people to give up the cool and dance.

Their debut "The Brooklyn What For Borough President" was released in 2008, recorded with 6 hours in the studio, was powered by young lust, adolescent humor and songs played at breakneck speed, and released on their own Pozar Records label. The band took to clubs, bars and basements, honing their chops by treating the crowds to soul ballads, explosive punk and their own experimental brand of rock n' roll.

In 2012, singer Jamie Frey, guitarists John Severin and Evan O'Donnell, bassist Doug Carey and drummer Jesse Katz entered Contintental Records Studio to record "Hot Wine", fifteen songs of manic genre-shifting rock, featuring two compositions by the late, brilliant Billy Cohen, The BKW's founding guitarist/singer/songwriter who was lost to cancer in 2010. The record will be available on vinyl, thanks to the efforts of a well-received Kickstarter campaign, CD and digital download, and is available on January 15, 2013 on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic and at


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