FREE SHOW! HALFBLUUD, TRC (thee rain cats), Marc Baker


Harley Cortez was musically quiet in 2012, choosing to focus on his art and film making career. After years of extensive touring, prolific output, and fronting various bands such as Red Cortez and Just An Animal, "Halfbluud" became the much needed reclusion to 'kick old habits'.

In late 2012, after writing hundreds of songs and playing pop-up shows throughout Los Angeles and New York, the moniker HALFBLUUD took form. A self-titled EP was recorded in Echo Park, CA, in a make shift studio in the shed behind Cortez's abode.

Halfbluud’s latest EP, Shibuya, sounds like a lo-fi, minimalistic, shoe gaze union with a hint of soul which stems from a direct result of reclusion, heartbreak, and world travels.

TRC (thee rain cats)

Marc Baker

The Cigarette Bums

Latchkey garage punks from all over CA gather for the monster they call the Cigarette Bums. Consisting of Steven Carrera and Eamon Mcginnis, and joined by Ryan Aguilar, Jaime Ramirez, and Tim "Tenor" Greenshields, the group plays "a Dylan-meets-Daniel Johnston–meets-Replacements-meets-Beefheart smash-up that’s a real pleasure to watch. The Bums play repetitious, folksy stanzas with a snot-nosed, garage-band delivery, and they throw in an occasional, speedy jazz-intoned riff for flare", as says LA Weekly. With two 7 inches, a few eps, a full length on the way, and a tenacity to strive, The Bums won't stop (even after they make it to your town).


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