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The Grip Weeds

“Sparkling, insanely catchy psyche-pop”: The Grip Weeds are a critically acclaimed Psychedelic Rock /Power Pop quartet consisting of brothers Kurt and Rick Reil (on drums and guitar respectively), Kristin Pinell (guitar) and Michael Kelly (bass). Surrounded by their vintage equipment, this talented four-piece band records slices of perfect, radio-friendly guitar-pop, psychedelic enough to appeal to record junkies and Sixties-retro fans, but edgy enough to fit into a modern rock set.

Strange Change Machine, the new Grip Weeds double CD/LP, is a 24-song tour de force that sees the band perfecting their classic sound while also diving into uncharted musical territory. While the debate regarding the validity of the double album continues, the format has allowed the Grip Weeds to deliver the boldest recording of their career with their fifth full length release. Strange Change Machine was written and recorded while the band was ensconced in reissue projects (2007’s reworking of their debut House Of Vibes Revisited, and the 2008 Little Steven Van Zandt-sponsored compilation Infinite Soul: The Best Of The Grip Weeds) and outside studio production jobs (Singer/Drummer Kurt Reil recorded three albums with the legendary Smithereens, as well as three solo projects by Smithereens lead singer Pat Dinizio, among his other studio work).

Restoring belief in guitar rock, guitarists Kristin Pinell and Rick Reil turn in career-defining performances, while drummer Kurt Reil's controlled chaos is the perfect foil for Michael Kelly's aggressive yet melodic bass work. The other major weapon in The Grip Weeds utility belt is their vocal harmonies. Whether the band is belting out intergalactic rock ('Speed Of Life'), a lilting west coast groove ('Be Here Now') or a folk ballad that fuses the Peter Green and Lindsey Buckingham eras of Fleetwood Mac ('Mistress Forest'), the vocal harmonies add an emotional depth to the already warm tones and catchy hooks. Whether it’s the brutal Garage Rock of 'Don't You Believe It', the Manchester Beat tale of a bridge jumper 'Mr. X', or acoustic guitar/flute instrumental 'Love In Transition', the band deftly jumps from style to style without losing their identity or giving the listener whiplash. The Grip Weeds have also reinvented the Todd Rundgren classic 'Hello It's Me'. While the original is a much-loved 1970s classic, The Grip Weeds replace the song's slicker elements with Nuggets-style grit.

Meanwhile, The Grip Weeds lead the D.I.Y./indie rebellion on Strange Change Machine with every inch of this album- from the writing and performing down to the recording, engineering and artwork - created by The Grip Weeds and The Grip Weeds alone. With Strange Change Machine, The Grip Weeds have aimed their vision for rock and roll beyond the reach of the telescopes, so grab hold and enjoy the ride.

"We like to mix it up in Jersey and The Grip Weeds are a great example. A touch of John Lennon (and an appropriation of his character's name in "How I Won The War"), a bit of The Byrds, A dash of The Kinks, pinch of The Who, and a dallop of more muscular Zombies and you get something quite original actually. And quite cool." -Little Steven

Here’s what music critics are saying about The Grip Weeds:.

“Bursting with terrific songs.” - USA Today.

“The natural progression from the Who to the Jam to Oasis” - Village Voice.

A Grip Weeds song is so distinctive and unique that it obliterates most pop pretenders, retro-mongers, and fetishists.” – All Music Guide.

“If you prefer out-of-tune guitars and adenoidal vocals or retro punk, the Grip Weeds will simply annoy. For everyone else, fall down and worship.” –Harp.

“Glistening harmonies, deliciously jangly guitars and tightly constructed songs make [The Grip Weeds] the genuine article in a crowded field of power pop wannabes.” –Pop Culture Press.

"It is easier to describe this band-- which gets its name from Private Grip Weed, John Lennon's character in the film How I Won The War-- as being on a mission to capture what is best about '60s group music for a new audience in the coming millennium." – Goldmine .

The Anderson Council

2001 Saw the release of their debut CD "Coloursound" which received airplay across the US and Canada on Little Steven's Underground Garage. "Sitting on a Cloud" was chosen by Little Steven to be the "Coolest Song in the world" in April of 2002. Coloursound has been out of print, but has been sent back to the "duplication house" for the creation of a limited pressing.

In 2006 the band released their second full length CD "The Fall Parade" (Groove Disques). The First single off of the album "Pinkerton's Assorted Colours" entered the Billboard Garage Rock singles chart at number one on July 23rd, and the album entered at #9 on the Billboard Garage Rock album chart. Little Steven featured "Pinkerton's Assorted Colours" as the Coolest Song in the World that same week. Ths single and album stayed in the top ten for three months. In the fall the band played to sold out crowds at Irving Plaza in NYC w/ The Zombies , The Woggles and The Mooney Suzuki, and The Borgata in Atlantic City, NJ with The Charms and The Romantics. The Second Single - "Strawberry Smell" has been well received and is getting airplay from The Underground Garage and college radio, "Strawberry Smell" was on the soundtrack to the film "I'm Reed Fish".

2012 saw the band FINALLY complete and release their 3rd full length album, "Looking At The Stars". Reviews have been favorable and the video for the single and lead off track "Don't You Think" has been getting lots of views on YouTube!

Key Selling Points

* Our second LP - The Fall Parade and the first single "Pinkerton's Assorted Colours" spent 3 months in the Billboard Top Ten Garage Rock album/singles charts. The second single "Strawberry Smell" was placed onto the soundtrack to the film "I'm Reed Fish".
* Steven Van Zandt's syndicated radio program and satellite radio channel "Little Steven's Underground Garage" has been very kind to The Anderson Council - spinning tracks off of Coloursound and The Fall Parade on his program which is heard all over the world. The band receives approx 20-30 spins per day on the satellite radio channel.
* The second single off of The Fall Parade, "Strawberry Smell" - has been included on the soundtrack to the film "I'm Reed Fish", which was released on June 1st, 2007 across the US and Canada.
* Little Steven referenced the band in the same sentence as The White Stripes and The Hives in the March 2003 issue of Magnet.
* The Anderson Council has shared the stage with The Zombies, The Pretty Things, Chris Butler, Jim Babjak, Jason Falkner, Glenn Tillbrook, The Mooney Suzuki and have received great responses from crowds in California, Chicago, Chapel Hill, New Jersey and New York.

* Their music will appeal to fans of: Early Who, The Jam, The Kinks, XTC, SLOAN, Elvis Costello and The Attractions. and the Beatles.

There are a couple of things I pride myself in, buy first is my ability to spot raw talent. The first time I met the Leftovers - goofy teens from Maine who drove ten hours just to play a free party in Queens - I knew they were the real thing. Kurt Baker's got an ear for pop melody that only comes along a few times in a generation, and a true love for the minutiae and history of rock 'n' roll. I can't wait to hear what he comes up with next. - Jim Testa, Jersey Beat

Kurt Baker is an amalgamation of all my favorite things. He's got a biting vocal swagger (reminiscent of Elvis Costello and Joe Jackson), a comprehensive knowledge of classic pop music, a lovable Joey Ramone-esque personality and the songwriting chops of a man twice his age. I'm continuously excited by his creativity, positivity and prolificness. - Linus Of Hollywood

"Kurt Baker is interesting. He is lovable like a puppy dog, goofy in that Jeff Spicoli kinda way, and well endowed in his knowledge of music that happened years before his birth. This man devotes as much time to the crafting of nachos, as he does to sleeping. Add this to the fact that his voice and stage presence are as unmistakeable as a punch to the nuts, and you have Kurt Baker. The man. The Character. The whole Shit-n-shabootle!" - Jaret Reddick (Bowling For Soup)


The Above are a rock and roll group from Brooklyn, New York. Influenced by the sounds of British-era R&B, this four-piece create memorable and exciting music with a compositional sophistication that are sure to leave both bar-goers and 60s rock and roll enthusiasts tapping their feet. They have opened for the likes of Roky Erickson, The Fleshtones, Los Straightjackets, Lyres, Paul Collins and other seminal artists.

Jana Peri (acoustic set)

“Music is a calling,” says New York City rocker, Jana Peri. “The question is whether or not you choose to accept the mission!” There’s no doubt that Jana has been on a mission to rock since her teens. With a critically lauded EP and hundreds of gigs under her studded leather belt, Jana has released her hotly anticipated debut album, Catching Flies With Vinegar (produced by renowned Ramones producer/co-songwriter Daniel Rey). Inspired by a lifelong love of The Beatles, Blondie and punk rock, Catching Flies With Vinegar’s twelve contagious tunes enthusiastically invite the attention of any music fan who wonders why pop music has become so tedious. On this impressive disc, Jana Peri’s hook-heavy melodies, clever lyrics and mature, complex voice separate her from legions of musicians going only for formulaic success and mark her as singular. Jana’s potential to get listeners singing along is amazing and her ability to rock out is guaranteed.

A native New Yorker, Jana grew up in the suburbs of Long Island in a home filled with music. She started writing songs even before she picked up her first guitar, at age seven. “When I was very young,” she remembers, “my mom bought me my first Beatles record and I absolutely fell in love with them. Their influence on me is immeasurable.” Through The Beatles, Jana discovered other British Invasion bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones; groups that would further inform her pop sensibilities. Jana studied guitar and piano through adolescence, while she immersed herself in both NYC and British punk rock, “listened to Blondie non-stop” (Debbie Harry being a major vocal influence) and began to identify with rockers like Joan Jett and Chrissie Hynde. At fifteen, Jana sang and played electric guitar in her first band, formed with a group of high school friends. “I was such a rock ‘n’ roll freak and I really wanted to make that band happen,” she recalls, “but no one else shared my passion, so it didn’t last.” Moving to Manhattan at age eighteen, Jana attended New York University where she earned a degree in drama.

After college, Jana acted in films and appeared in off-Broadway productions, but continued to write songs and pursue music. Unable to find like-minded musicians to form a band, Jana honed her vocal chops at open mic nights in the city and performed solo with her guitar. “At that point,” she says, “my focus shifted away from acting and I got very serious about music. I wanted to form a band, but I also realized I should start from scratch and really find my voice. By doing that, I developed my own style, which is a mix of melodic pop and guitar-based rock ‘n’ roll. That time definitely marked an important turning point in my career.”

In 1999, Jana’s growing ambition led her to record, produce and self-release (on her Hot Jupiter Records label) the four-track Jana Peri EP. The stylistically varied disc showcases Jana’s sly sense of humor on one of her most popular songs “Dating Sucks.” “I wrote that song from the perspective of a woman who’s had her share of bad relationships,” Jana laughs, “but I gave it such a humorous spin that it really speaks to both women and men. It’s become one of my signature songs.” “Dating Sucks” was chosen by a panel of music industry judges for the lead track on ROCKRGRL magazine’s Discoveries 2004 compilation CD. Jana Peri also includes the fan favorite, “The La La Song,” which Jana wrote in her Liverpool hotel room on a trip to the UK. “The La La Song” captures my excitement about traveling to England and making an impact on the music scene,” says Jana, “because that was really my dream.”

Critics praised Jana Peri. “Intelligent and clever lyrics to complement a powerfully confident voice,” wrote, while Top 20 Hard Pop Radio called the EP, “A combination of all things great about NY-based rock – equal parts Blondie and Joan Jett, with just enough Ramones, Television and Patti Smith to make it all click.” TransAction Magazine said, “Jana Peri is a rare talent based on vocal quality alone. Add excellent material…and the result is spectacular,” and the Santa Monica Mirror declared, “On “The La La Song,” Peri’s British Invasion roots are showing and it’s a boisterous delight.” “With the EP,” says Jana, “You can hear my transition from being a singer/ songwriter to performing songs that have more of a band feeling.”

Released in the fall of 2005, Jana’s full-length debut, Catching Flies with Vinegar, collects many songs already polished to brilliant sheen in her live shows, as well as tunes best loved by her fans. As Jana explains, she chose to work with producer Daniel Rey (Ramones, Misfits, Ronnie Spector) for very specific reasons. “There’s a strong sense of harmony and melody throughout my music, and I wanted that to be intact, but the recording also needed to capture my New York edge. I knew Daniel’s reputation and once we talked, I knew he was the right person to produce the CD. This is such a New York record and I wanted a producer who understood all of my musical influences – from the British Invasion to New York Punk Rock. Daniel has a great sense of all that and he’s a complete pleasure to work with.” Rey also contributed guitar leads and textural riffs on many of the tracks to help Jana capture the sound she was going for. Musicians on the CD include bassist Jim Stellato and drummer Rob Holm, who have played in Jana’s live band.

The album’s provocative title was inspired by the expression “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar,” but Jana adds with a laugh, “My experience is that I catch flies anyway. I think these songs convey that I’m very much a romantic at heart, but that sentiment is undercut by a sometimes cynical NYC point of view. Those two forces are at war with each other and people are attracted to the vinegar along with the sweetness.” Jana definitely wears her heart on her sleeve on “Go Ahead,” an I Will Survive-style anthem that’s one of the album’s strongest cuts. Punctuated by soaring harmonies and blistering guitar leads “Go Ahead” was previously featured on International Pop Overthrow – Volume 7: 2004 on Not Lame Recordings.

The album also expresses Jana’s love for the island of Manhattan on the humorous “City Beat ” – a raucous romp with a distinctly mod twist – and the edgy “New York Proud,” Jana’s ode to a post-9/11 New York City. Elsewhere, Jana broadens the soundscape with the jazzy, saxophone infused “All Your Fault” (described as “Peggy Lee meets Richard Hell”) and “I’ll Be Gone,” a country honky tonk diffused by Jana’s whip smart humor. As Jana explains, it was important to her to vary the sound of the album. “My aesthetic about albums comes from a time when the pop Hit Parade included many different kinds of music on one chart and on one radio station. There’s no law that says you can only put one style of music on a record.” Catching Flies comes to a strong finish with “Lust,” an unbridled guitar fugue about surrendering to libidinal temptation and the free-spirited, Jerry Lee Lewis-influenced rocker “I Wanna Rock,” where Jana confesses, “I don’t care what’s on the charts/I only know what’s in my heart/And all I really wanna do is rock!” “Part of the reason I love the recording process so much is that it’s all about purely being the artist,” Jana admits. “With his know-how and creativity, Daniel helped me fulfill my vision of how these songs should sound. I think that’s the best in-studio relationship you can have.”

Jana Peri is an electrifying live performer whose shows never fail to get crowds on their feet and dancing. She has played out extensively in the NYC club scene including popular rock venues like CBGB, Don Hill’s and Continental. She has also performed at David Bash’s International Pop Overthrow (IPO) music festivals in NYC, Chicago and Liverpool, England, where she performed at the legendary Cavern Club. While in England for IPO, Jana organized “The La La Tour,” performing a gig in each of the three cities – London, Liverpool and Manchester – mentioned in “The La La Song.” “That was really fun,” says Jana, “and I met so many cool people who really got into my music.” In late September, Jana and her band embarked on a ten-day tour of the UK, playing high profile gigs in major cities as well as more intimate shows in small towns. The tour wrapped in Liverpool with a CD release party, where Jana premiered the new music video for “The La La Song,” which was shot in Liverpool and Manchester in 2004. “It meant so much to do this tour with a full band,” Jana enthuses. “It’s made me want to tour more extensively in the UK, the States and even Japan.”

With the release of Catching Flies with Vinegar, Jana Peri looks forward to expanding her fan base and continuing to make the rock ‘n’ roll music she loves. “When I was in my formative years there weren’t many women rockers to look up to,” she says. “Some guys I know in the New York scene have tried to discourage me from playing guitar and singing lead, but that’s only strengthened my resolve to be an even better guitarist. I’m a singer first, but with my guitar I can convey things that are meaningful to me. I’m very proud of this CD and I really feel I’ve hit my mark musically.”

The turnback

So yeah, we changed our name from Six Mile Hill to The Turnback. Why? Well, the old name was pretty non-descript, and it certainly didn't represent what the band is about or our sound. Worse, people didn't really remember it. A lot of folks called us Six Mile High or Eight Mile High and some of those folks were our relatives who've been drinking from coffee cups with the band name on it for almost 10 years!!! The Turnback, on the other hand, is more of an action word which also describes our sound - retro influenced with a modern feel - while still being short and to the point. So, unlike failed experiments such as "New Coke" and the revamped Tropicana carton of a few years ago, we haven't changed our formula - only the name.

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