Burning Love, Culo, Ooze, The Nukes

Burning Love

Hot Snakes, Bastard Child Death Cult, Barn Burner

When your band features ex-members from bands like Cursed, The Swarm, and Left For Dead, there's a certain amount expected out of you. Burning Love delivers.


Un-gawd-damn-believably awesome! Pure fuggin’ godhead hardcore punk rock! No metal, no pop, just straight-up hardcore punk. Four anthems of checking out of society and not giving a fuck who cares. This stuff sounds legit and not some part time pose. Fast, pissed, and catchier than hell. “Shootin Glue” will burrow its way into your mind, and the title track is the sonic bull in a china shop. Instruments are beat to hell.

Consisting of former members of the Rutabegas, Bloodoc, Mi Gusta, the Peninsula Youth Orchestra, The Ooze 3: STV is just happy to be here.

all other teen rock bands are their affinity for musicianship - having studied their instruments since before becoming teenagers - and indifference about that commercial-friendly sound in favor of challenging the industry to try something new.

So far, this mindset has worked. The Nukes are the subject of a documentary that started filming in the summer of 2009. This documentary, which covers their auditions, recording sessions, and live performance, is currently being edited and due for completion in February 2010.

The Nukes played their first show earlier this January at the Troubadour to 200 paying guests. Not only were they integral to the night selling out, but they were asked back MARCH 6TH.
This is all very impressive considering that the current line-up has only been practicing together for 3 months. The guitar player and bass player have been with the project since its inception in the summer 2009.


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