Princess La Tremenda

Princess La Tremenda

Electrifying, Eclectic and Sexy are just a few words to describe Princess La Tremenda, a Singer/Songwriter/Producer making her mark in the international music scene. Fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese she blends the languages together perfectly to create music that is truly universal.

"Music is my way of communicating this world.” This is a mantra for La Tremenda, where constantly moving around as a child, gave her an appreciation for diversity and an awareness of the vastness of the world. Her project, a sensual blend of traditional/new world grooves mixed with sultry vocals and intelligent lyrics bends genres while always remaining soulful. Unafraid to explore new avenues of music she has combined her world-class experience with energetic and interactive live shows. She has graced international stages between North and South Americas well as Europe, with world known and respected artists even performing to crowds of over 500,000 people at Carnaval in Brazil.

Her current EP “Odara” was recorded entirely in Brazil with local musicians capturing authentic and diverse musical styles. “Odara” fuses African, Latin and American sounds to create a unique sound she has penned, Afro-Latin Soul. That sound paired with her sensitive, honest lyrics about universal love and infinite possibilities makes her music an experience the whole world will enjoy.



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