Bennio Qwerty

Bennio Qwerty

Bennio Qwerty began on a Brooklyn construction site in the Summer of 2012. Working together on a four month build-out of a bar in South Williamsburg, guitarist/singer Mike Barron and bassist Nathan Delffs quickly bonded over their love of Lungfish, Scott Walker, and Drive Like Jehu. Naturally, they decided to start a project of their own.

Mike, a member of the Brooklyn indie-pop quintet North Highlands, and Nathan, formerly of Brooklyn-by-way-of-Portland's Forest Fire, enlisted Louie Glaser, a long time friend, middle school music teacher, and member of Wise Blood to drum. The band gelled instantly. A month later Bennio Qwerty had a set’s worth of material and began playing shows in and around their Brooklyn neighborhood. They released the aptly titled “EP” in February of 2013 and returned to the studio to track four more songs for a second, slightly more creatively titled, “Picture Of” EP to be released this summer.

Bennio Qwerty’s earlier material is turbulent and flush with the exuberance of a band still thrilled to have discovered one another. Compared to those recordings, their new EP’s title track, “Picture Of” has a smoother, more controlled feel. While it still hints at the influences that brought them together, the song is a natural progression for a band becoming more comfortable with its sound. Like the neighborhoods they help to build, the song is urban in tone—hypnotic and mechanical—but Barron is skeptical. He shrugs, “Thoughts on moving west? Thoughts on leaving all this? We could pack up and do it this spring, we could leave this city behind.”

Mainland was formed in the summer of 2010 after a chance meeting at a rooftop party between songwriter Jordan Topf and Corey Mullee, who shared similar tastes in music. Zachary Walter a classmate of Mullee's joined on bass, shortly thereafter Dylan Longstreet joined on drums. In spring of 2011, the band hibernated into their studio "The Bunker" for future producer Nick Stumpf who would go on to record and mix the band's first EP, Summer Sick. Following the release the band made its way to California for a west coast tour. Mainland is currently recording their first album.

Dead Painters

Dead Painters is a band from Brooklyn, New York. Benjamin plays the drums and sings sometimes, Japeth plays the guitar and sings, Jordan plays the bass guitar and sings.


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