The Infected (Final Show), Crook County, UGLYBoNES

The Infected

The Infected are a punk rock band from Chicago, and they will kick your ass.

Powerful dual guitars and solid rhythms of The Infected are the first thing to capture a listener but it doesn’t take long to be enveloped by the coded, dark, inspirational lyrics or the easily accessible details of the arrangements. If you aren’t having the time of your life at their show there’s a good chance you died in the pit. Never a dull moment and always plenty of beer, The Infected’s sophisticated musicianship blends with raw punk power to create a sound unheard anywhere else.

The Infected has delighted fans of the bands they have shared the stage with, including Leftover Crack, The Casualties, Blitz, Lower Class Brats, The Adicts, A Global Threat, and Flatfoot 56. The band’s high-energy performances of original music draw large crowds to the show, transforming their every gig into a huge party with incredible music.

Crook County

Crook County's Nathaniel Matthew (guitars/vocals) and J Polakowski (drums/vocals) met in Chicago in late 2011. Matthew had just finished a successful run of shows on the back of his first solo release, Songs on Recycled Cotton Pulp, and Polakowski had recently returned to the United States from traveling and playing in Europe. The pair played with a variety of other musicians before deciding they sounded best as a two piece.

Crook County was officially born in the summer of 2012.

Merging Soul, Rock and Roots music, Crook County sounds both familiar and fresh at the same time. Matthew's standout vocals sit perfectly atop a carousel of electric, acoustic and slide guitars and Polakowski's spartan-yet-catchy drumming. The most impressive aspect of Crook County is how full and dynamic their music sounds despite the size of their roster. With this band, the pair is certainly greater than the sum of their parts.


Stupid, worthless, no good, goddamned, freeloading sons of a bitches. Retarded, big mouthed, know-it-all, asshole, jerks playing punk their way.


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