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Kick Rocks

KICK ROCKS Is Back For More!

Electronic-Improv Supergroup to return for three June engagements in the Northeast.

KICK ROCKS is back for more! The electronic, improvisational jazz/funk quartet has scheduled three June dates, bringing their much sought-after collaboration to Philadelphia, Massachusetts, and New York City. The group is comprised of guitarist Jon Gutwillig of The Disco Biscuits, his longtime collaborator Mike Greenfield of Lotus on drums, bassist Clay Parnell of Philadelphia's Brother's Past and BioDiesel, and keyboardist extraordinaire Brian Marsella of Philadelphia-based jazz fusion rockers Caveman.

Their sound can run the gamut from free-form jazz arrangements and high-octane disco-thons, while dipping in and out of styles that employ drum & bass, funk, house and deep psychedelia in one fell swoop. The run begins on June 14 at Philly jam headquarters The Blockley, before moving on to Central Massachusetts for Disc Jam Music Festival, and finally to Manhattan for a (Kick) Rocks Off Boat Cruise.

Originally formed as a one-off super-group for an exclusive late night VIP performance at Camp Bisco XI, KICK ROCKS went on to perform five more wildly successful events in 2012. The performances were unique unto themselves, and stoked the flame for fans of all four bands and many who were unfamiliar with their respective work. Subsequently, there have been many requests to bring back the ensemble for a return engagement; the people's prayers will be answered with the June 14 kick-off.

After The Blockley gig June 14, KICK ROCKS will travel to Brimfield MA for a set at the Disc Jam Music Festival on June 15. Centrally located on a picturesque New England property, the festival is home to championship caliber, 36-hole disc golf tournaments and includes some of the best New England based artists in the scene today. For their third performance on June 16, KICK ROCKS will be boarding New York City's epic Rocks-Off Boat Cruise, for what is to surely be a special event. While revelers dance and imbibe on a luxury boat cruise, they will enjoy the groups ever-evolving music while gazing at the iconic Manhattan skyline.

After word travelled, amongst fans and online, about the phenomenal performances from July through September, the band found themselves enthused to embark on another run. This upcoming trio of concerts should up the proverbial ante and deliver an even more enthralling sonic experience.

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