Adam Zwig, Adam Marsland

Adam Zwig

In today's freewheeling, fast paced era of constant stimulation and information - where we’re forced to quickly separate, compartmentalize and label -- we've lost the art and magic of the Renaissance people, those blessed souls who created powerful interconnections between all the things they did so well for the benefit of mankind. Adam Zwig’s latest musical work, Visions of the Shimmering Night, offers rich, mind-expanding inspiration to a world in deep spiritual need. The singer, songwriter and “rock and roll therapist” transcends modern boundaries by dedicating his life and art to restoring those important connections -- much like the original shaman whose unified vision of art and healing once guided ancient communities to wholeness.

Acclaimed for his insightful folk-pop songs and dynamic performances throughout the U.S. and around the globe, the multi-talented performer’s groundbreaking work as a psychotherapist goes hand in hand with, and is an extension of, his deep musical aesthetic. Because his concerts and workshops convey the very same messages, the Portland, Oregon based Zwig--who has been favorably compared throughout his career to Bob Dylan and Neil Young--was once dubbed by Seattle Musician as a “rock and roll guru” and “professor of rockology.” Committed to lighting the divine spark in his patients and fans, Zwig sees the seamless blend of his music and therapy as reflections of his mission as a “psycho spiritual pyromaniac.”

Adam Marsland

Described in SPIN magazine as "a high-energy cross between Brian Wilson, Paul Stanley, and Elton John," Adam Marsland's pop adventurism has earned him one of the more prolific and intriguing music careers of the last 15 years.

A talented singer, arranger, performer, multi-instrumentalist and "one of the most gifted songwriters to come out of the west coast in a long time" (Time Out-NY), Marsland has pulled off rock, punk, baroque pop, soul and alt-country through the course of ten albums and 24 tours. When his label collapsed on the week of the release of his band's third CD, he went totally underground, touring alone for 2 1/2 years straight and selling thousands of albums out of the back of a 1994 Toyota Tercel. More recently, thanks partly to a jaw-dropping band that includes a bonafide pop legend and a lengthy resume of quality work with a variety of artists, Marsland's diverse musical abilities have attracted a new audience.

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