Murder Death Kill

Murder Death Kill

MurderDeathKill was spawned in the high desert of Victorville, California in late 2008 when some of the founding members of the heavyweight hardcore heroes "Blood Stands Still" decided to start a new project with the mission to be heavier, and more controversial than anything that the world had ever seen.

Hardcore Veteran "Pitbull" Dan Banura quickly recruited his brother/former band mate Art Banura to play drums. Now, with this brutal backbone in place, MDK enlisted their long time friends Aaron, and Sean Bennet to head up vocals. Once the lineup was solidified, MDK wrote and recorded a demo and started jumping on shows with bands such as Suicide Silence, The Acacia Strain, and Impending Doom. Their collective goal was to write music that was extremely heavy and in your face without going too far in the metal direction. The dueling vocals, pummeling riffs, and precise rhythms as well as their insane live shows are what set this band far apart from anything else in the genre. In just a short time after the band's inception, they already had dozens of high profile shows under their belts.

The band's busy show schedule combined with their reputation for delivering one of the heaviest, most intense live shows around quickly gained them attention, and respect. In early 2009, MDK signed with hardcore super label "Mediaskare Records," and immediately began working on their full-length debut entitled "Fuck With Us And Find Out," due out this October.

MurderDeathKill has already completed tours with Life Ruiner, Betrayal, American Me, Endwell, and Suffokate. The band plans to continue touring nonstop on their forthcoming album, and push the limits as they deliver their relentless brand of heavyweight hardcore. If you have yet to experience one of MDK's infamous live shows, do yourself a favor and check them out.



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