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Vengince brings to the stage much more than one genre of music, which diversifies and strengthens their crowd draw. Having performed hundreds of shows across the United States, and now shows all over Europe, the band continues to grow and pave a path for a career in the music biz.

Having performed around 500 shows across 42 U.S. States, and 20 Countries Vengince continues to built a loyal world-wide fanbase with their high energy live shows, and intense, unforgettable stage presence.

Vengince has grown in leaps and bounds from their beginnings, having completed three European tours as main support to Stuck Mojo/ Ektomorf, and then Pro-Pain. Vengince also performed at the Rockstar Mayhem Festival and the world's largerst body art andtattoo festival and done 3 D.I.Y U.S. tours.

Vengince has sold over 10,000 albums in the last few years, including over 3,100 copies on their three European Tours alone. The new album, A TURN FOR THE WORST includes some of Vengince's best material to date, and also best production to date. The producer was Juan Urteaga of Trident Studios (Testament, Exodus, Ted Nugent, Nightranger, Machine Head). The album is already in it's second pressing due to sales over 1,500 copies.

The band is sponsored and endorsed by Jagermeister Music, Axis Percussion, Distilled Entertainment, Nady Wireless Systems, Black Market Art Company, Dirtbag Clothing, Felony Fights, Wired Energy Drinks, Fuze Drinks, Smokeclear, Dankreations and Union Tattoo.

Vengince is proud to announce the release of their anticipated new album, A TURN FOR THE WORST with a full European Tour with Pro-Pain to support the new release.

The band delivers to the album, and on stage more than one genre of music, diversifing and strengthing their crowd draw.
The new album shows the evolution of the band's musical creativity, as well as their individual talent. A Turn for The Worst also features a track with Lord Nelson of Stuck Mojo.

Booking Agency (Europe): Go Down Believing
Booking Agency (USA): Distilled Entertainment

Record Label:
Ivorytower Records / Cargo Records / Jagermeister Music

DANK: Guitar/Vox
SLIM: Bass
FATHER: Keys/Vox

Demon Seed

Reining from the Antioch/Pittsburg, CA area, Demon Seed formed in November of 2009 under the name Sudden Oak with Michael Davi (Guitar/Lead Vocals), George Carasis (Guitar/Back-Up Vocals), & Alex DeLuna (Drums). The name was later changed to Demon Seed. Demon Seed booked there first show at the Red Caboose... with no bassist. About three days before the show, George's cousin Randy Carasis stepped up to the job with no knowledge of the songs. The show turned out great and Demon Seed finally had a bassist. Due to the inability of making practices, Randy had to step down from the band. The band went out on the search for a bassist. At the music academy where George and Michael took guitar lessons (Antioch Music Academy) they found their new bassist, Alex Rodriguez. He played with the band until early summer 2010, then left due to Demon Seed's expansion in their musical style which he did not like.The band now had a problem, because they were scheduled to play the Red House Battle of the Bands within the same month. One week before the show Alan Lucero joined the band. He learned the 5 songs that the band was going to play at the show. Demon Seed later won the Red House Battle of the Bands. The band was going very well until tension built up between Alan and Alex. Alex later left the band. Now for the first time in a year Demon Seed was in need of a drummer. They then found Bay Area drummer, Ryan Glick. Ryan practiced with the band for about three months then played a show with them in Richmond, CA at The Burnt Ramen, then left due to school work. Alex DeLuna then rejoined. Alex left the band after a short period of time being with the band due to other projects. Demon Seed took a break for about a 2 month period, then rejoined with new drummer Kirk Brys. The band had their "comeback show" on September 24th, 2011 at Red House Studios. With Kirk they released a demo recorded in their practice room with the three songs, Burn Me On A Cross, Undertow, & Forget the Dead. They later released Norway as a single. Demon Seed recorded their live set at Red House Studios and released it as a Live EP. In early April Kirk Brys decided he no longer wanted to be a part of the band due to personal issues with the members. In late April Luis Alvarado joined the family completing the band. Demon Seed is set to record their first album "Slaughter The Youth" soon. Demon Seed now stands as Michael Davi (Guitar/Lead Vocals), George Carasis (Guitar/Back-Up Vocals), & Alan Lucero (Bass/Back-Up Vocals), Luis Alvarado (Drums).


Formed in mid 2009, Damaura exploded onto the scene as one
of the more versatile and dynamic sounds the SF bay area has seen in a while! The band consists of an all star lineup of players that have been charging in the underground scene for some time….
In 2001 front man/guitarist Chris Black and drummer Mike Davi played in a thrash band together known as Coalition, Davi would leave the band after a year and move to the northwest and form the band Severed. Bernt Strom would join Coalition soon after. Strom later on played in JBD with bass player Dan Cutt.
In 2007 Davi returned to the bay to form a new project with Black. After two years of trying out musicians and singers (at the time Black was only planning to play guitar) the two were underway recording the new material, Black pulling off all guitar parts and bass, while Davi laid down the drums and engineered.
Ex Severed vocalist Jeremy Heathington filled in on some of the vocal recordings.
The first of 2010 is when guitarist Bernt Strom (Coalition, JBD) and bassist Dan Cutt (JBD) joined to form what is now the current Damaura lineup! The band features a very dynamic, explosive, heavy and melodic sound, with its display of harmonizing guitars, vocals and blistering percussive elements! The bands debut album will be finished by the end of 2010 and it will continue growing its fan base all across the Western portion and eventually all of the U.S.!


Sidian is a five-piece death metal band from California that was formed in late October of 2010 by a group of musically inclined friends. Shortly after the band formed, drummer Chris Fuentes, bassist Danny Farhoud, and guitarist Wyatt Sharp had completed their first song. It later came to be Yersinia Pestis, named after Anthony Palermo who had then became their front man. After 6 months of vigorous writing, they released their debut 4 track demo "El Sol Tace".

In 2012, after parting ways with their drummer Chris, they teamed up with drumming prodigy Alex Bent (Arkaik, Decrepit Birth) and recorded a single 'Eternal Bloom of Lamenting Dawn' with Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios. Although this brought a high amount of attention to the band, this praise was countered by Danny having to leave the band in an effort to pursue his career. Fortunately enough, current bassist Wesley Wojcik immediately brought himself to the bands attention. As well as an incredible set of bass shredding skills, he also introduced the band to both its current lead guitarist and drummer, Luke Farmilo and Luis Martinez (Oblivion). This perfect storm of musicians is now currently writing their 2013 EP which will include their 2012 single.

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