Scale of Six

Scale of Six is a rock band refusing to be classified even by themselves. Their sole mission is to find your butt and make it shake. With genre influences ranging from funk and soul to country and blues, with most things in between and outside that playing a role at some point, they seek only to please audience with a wide ranging group of originals and several patently original versions of classic songs.

North of Forty

Our motto says it all: "I know a few things."

The Bicipital Groove


The Bicipital Groove! A gang of students from the Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons looking to treat your diagnosis of the doldrums with a double dose of getting down.Playing the funk/soul/R&B hits of the 60s and 70s.

Lots of bands say they're unique. Few can actually say there's no one doing what they do, period.

WACHICHOO is that rare example.

Coming together in Brooklyn in 2009, Wachichoo blends modern soul -rock elements a la Mark Ronson and Cee Lo Green with tough electronically - blasted beats and sky-high synths that leave audiences breathless.

Singer / rapper Ill-On and vocalist Ashanti J'Aria sail powerfully and create new fans everywhere through their sly stage presence and sharply crafted lyrics.

In a short time, they've played a headlining show at NYC's world-famous Bitter End, rocked the Harvest Festival in Hancock, NY , the Studio at Webster Hall, Tammany Hall, and the annual CMJ Festival.

Check out their latest LIVE video for their upcoming song "Karma", recorded at The Greenhouse in downtown Manhattan:



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