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The Brighton Beat (Double Set)

Driven by a unified belief in real people playing real instruments expressing real human emotions, The Brighton Beat's goal is to create music that is able to live, breath and develop, with songs that allow the musicians to communicate and tell a story through carefully crafted melodies and inspired solo passages. Real world experiences and an inherent knowledge of jazz set them apart from the crowd. This is a band of working professional musicians looking to make a name for themselves in the ever burgeoning Afrobeat scene. Heavily influenced by Afrobeat pioneer Fela Kuti, but in no way traditional, The group creates grooves reminiscent of Herbie Hancock, at times reaching the raw, unbridled expression found in the music of Miles Davis and Freddie Hubbard.

The Brighton Beat is centered around a strong rhythmic foundation of bass, drums and dense percussion. Varying textures of unique, vintage keyboard and guitar sounds help to thicken the compositions. Leading the group, the adventurous horn section bring their heavy jazz influence to the forefront. Bassist Ryan Hinchey and Drummer Sammy Wags established their groove during recording sessions and national tours with various funk and reggae outfits (iLa Mawana, 6th Degree, The Hub Dub). The horn section leaders; Jon Bean (tenor sax) and Mark Zaleski (alto sax) came together while studying jazz at the New England Conservatory. Upon finishing they quickly established themselves as first-call session players for many of Boston's highest regarded jazz projects, all the while cultivating their own ideas, and exploring the different styles of music that influence The Brighton Beat's diverse catalog.

The Brighton Beat stormed onto the scene with their debut; "The Brighton Beat EP" in 2010, and have since hit the ground running, performing at premier venues around greater New England. They are currently touring in support of their first full-length release; "The Brighton Beat LP" and are preparing to release a live record due out Fall 2012, recorded during their Summer tour.


While honoring the traditon of funk and soul masters, JuiceBox creates a mesmerizing new sound from its seven members. Past performances at 92Y,the Blue Note, and Jazz at Lincoln Center have helped catapult their music to International audiences. Juicebox toured italy in the summer of 2012, with notable performances at the Dolomiti Ski Jazz and MusiCamDo Jazz Festivals. JuiceBox released their first single 'Occupy My Heart' in 2013.

The music of JuiceBox is an infectious blend of rhythm and blues, soul and funk. With the wailing sounds of the Hammond organ, funky guitar, a powerful horn section and the sensuous vocals of Lisa Ramey, they create an infectious and irresistible sound that is reminiscent of only funkiest grooves of the 1960′s.

Jaclyn Rose

Jaclyn Rose is a Filipina American Artist with a base both in Los Angeles, CA and New York City that has an eclectic gathering of sound that promotes a state of well-being and wholeness. Her style, ranging far and wide, falls under the select categories of Jazz, Funk, Soul, and Afro-beat, with a humble beginning based in Classical music. She both studied and graduated Cum Laude from California State University, Long Beach's Bob Cole Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor's degree of Music in Jazz Studies. She's performed throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. She then embarked, only just a year ago, to New York City to venture into the east coast to learn, experience, and thrive. During her time there, she produced her 2011 CD compilation The Mix (Limited Edition) that featured her compilations and arrangements created and inspired by life in New York. Jaclyn is currently embarking on a new project known as "The Rose Movement," in which she has chosen to promote a campaign focused on keeping dreams alive. For the past year, Jaclyn has been working on an album entitled, "The Story of The Rose Movement," which is to be released in JULY 2013. Through the translation from voice to message, Jaclyn hopes to spread positive joy and belief whilst inspiring her audience to get up and dance.

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