San Cisco

San Cisco's storm came in much like a front approaching the port in their home town of Fremantle; swift and eerily beautiful. Initially whipped up in the wake of high school graduation, the foursome of Jordi, Josh, Scarlett, and Nick soon found themselves unwittingly defining hipster culture with the video for their breakout hit "Awkward."

Fast forward to 2015 where San Cisco enlisted the help of producer and long-term collaborator Steven Schram to deliver their sophomore album Gracetown which debuted at #2 on the ARIA charts. The album showcased a new sound for the band -- more worldly approach to life; exploring the tyranny of love, displacement, homesickness, heartache and heartbreak, via disco, funk, soul and hip hop undertones.

Extensive touring to eager audiences around the world took up the majority of 2015 and early 2016, playing festivals at home and headline tours from Maitland to Mexico. The remainder of the year was some down time and pulling together new song ideas, earwormy hooks and catchy choruses.

Now it's time to unleash the third sophomore album, The Water onto the world. A taste of the album was served up with single "SloMo" and a bonus B Side (aptly named "B Side") hitting the airwaves late last year. With more hits to come, The Water is as diverse in its sound as it is in subject matters.

The Water will be available to purchase globally in late April 2017 from iTunes.

Holiday Friends

Although Astoria, Oregon is best known to
multiple generations of pop-culture observers
as the cinematic setting of the ‘80s cult classic
The Goonies, the rugged riverfront city now has
another distinction: as the home of the fab new
pop-rock combo known as Holiday Friends. On its
consistently uplifting debut album Major Magic, the
spirited quintet—singer-guitarist Scott Fagerland
and singer-keyboardist Jesse Wityczak, who share
most of the band’s songwriting duties, plus Scott’s
brother Jon Fagerland on guitar, keys and vocals,
bassist Zack O’Connor and drummer Joey Ficken—
deliver ten joyous new tunes that strike a decisive
blow for the enduring values of infectious melodic
hooks and emotional engaging lyrics.
The band’s catchy, playful songs are refreshingly
free of hipster cynicism, and has been described
as what the Beach Boys might sound like if they’d
been raised in the Pacific Northwest on a steady
diet of John Hughes film soundtracks, or what
The Cars might be doing if they lived at Big Pink.



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