BIKE RUN TO FIGHT LHON: Bike Cops, Dripping Slits, Back Alley Riot

Bike Cops

BAND. MUSIC. All guy group except the girl.

Dripping Slits

You know that shitty pop soundtrack every college girl dances and drinks fruity drinks to before going to the actual party? Well, that's basically what Illinois based punkers Dripping Slits are except on the opposite side of the spectrum. Blending unrelenting drug and alcohol induced guitar riffs, thundering drums, and guttural vocals, Dripping Slits will get the haggard rock 'n' roll crowd moving and chugging bottles of whiskey before even venturing to the bar. Think Thin Lizzy impregnating Black Flag or something of the like.

Back Alley Riot

Blue-collar story telling with stage-shaking power chords, creating punk rock songs with a down-home twist. Back Alley Riot blends punk, rock, and southern boogie with an explosive live show that will leave you breathless and begging for more.


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