Plain White T's

Over the course of the band's last three major label release, the Plain
White T's have sold over 9.1 million songs starting with Every Second
Counts which spawned three hits: the platinum plus "Our Time Now," the
gold selling "Hate (I Really Don't Like You)" and "Hey There Delilah,"
the mega-hit single which rocketed to No. 1 in 13 countries. Delilah was
the fourth song in history to sell over 3 million digital downloads which
earned the Chicago quintet two Grammy nominations as well as an MTV
Video Music Award nomination (Monster Single of The Year), an American
Music Award nomination (Favorite Breakthrough Artist) , a Teen Choice
nomination (Song of the Summer) and a People's Choice Award nomination
(Favorite Rock Song).

The band followed up with Big Bad World -- a return-to-form effort
featuring the band's usual mix of spunky energy and pop/rock craft. The
band again found platinum success with yet another love song, "1,2,3,4,"
which is approaching double platinum status.

In 2010, the band released Wonders of The Younger which featured a
laid-back acoustic sound in the platinum plus hit "Rhythm of Love."
"Rhythm of Love" marks the first time the band released a single with Tim
Lopez taking the lead singer spot. Plain White T's are currently in the
studio recording their sixth studio album due out this year.

Andrew Ripp

To call Andrew Ripp a singer/songwriter is to leave something deep out of the equation. It's true. He sings. And when he sings, something catches in your chest and you wonder why your heart is reacting to what is coming in your ears. It's true. He's a songwriter. He intricately weaves words into stories that have somehow aged and ripened and are sweet to ingest.

But there is more. Maybe it has to do with the rock-infused tones that are ever present. Maybe it is more soulful than pop, or maybe it is more pop than soul? Or is it rock with some soul and a hint of pop with the songwriting of a well-lived life? Whatever you call it, Andrew has it.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Andrew began this musical journey with simply a voice, a guitar, and an awkward fifteen-year-old view of the world. As he grew and matured, so did his music. Moving out to Los Angeles in 2003, doors soon opened for Ripp to record and work with rock producer Bob Marlette and write for pop star Ryan Cabrera.

Ripp's debut album Fifty Miles to Chicago, which he co-wrote and co-produced, released in 2008 to many-a-round of applause. Compared to the likes of Ray Lamontagne, Maroon 5, and Jason Mraz, Andrew toured the country, performing songs from this album, and won fans quickly with his pure tones, strong lyrics, and that other thing that we have yet to define but definitely contributes to his awesome.

With the release of his sophomore album She Remains the Same, Andrew is seeing the world in a new way. Nashville, Tennessee is his current address, and with a maturing faith, this album speaks to the new place where he is- both physically and spiritually.

It's about truth. It's about faith. It's about life and living it well. Produced by Dave Barnes, this record peels back another layer of Andrew's talent while giving the audience a unique sound experience. Meant to be an album full of life, you can't listen and not be warmed by the sounds.

Listeners of this album will immediately want more. And luckily, according to Andrew, this story is still unfolding. Which can only mean (fingers crossed) that he will continue to write, sing, and create sounds that change the atmosphere.

According to his fans? That is music to their ears.

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