Wyldlife, Black Actress, Gun, Broke N Ugly


Wyldlife is a group of 4 young men who enjoy girls, alcohol, motorcycle culture, knives, leather jackets and rock and roll. Their new self-titled debut LP is for those who like their garage/punk rock both loud and fast as well as sweet, in the vein of the Ramones, The Undertones, The Only Ones, The New York Dolls, etc... Drinks are on you, right? OK, good.


Black Actress blends a furious stage show with Fist pumpin', Fuel drivin', in your face Rock n' Roll! Fierce vocals, combined with slaying guitar solos, gut-punching drums, ball kicking bass, all with the sobriety of W.C. Fields. These lads sweat and bleed all that rock has to offer.

Americana / Blues / Minimalist

Broke N Ugly

Agressive in your face rock with metal and hardcore influences


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