Davy Jay Sparrow & His Western Songbirds Album Release Party!

Davy Jay Sparrow

Hearing Davy Jay Sparrow & His Western Songbirds is like plugging in an olde fashioned jukebox full of brand new songs. With a fun mix of original and traditional western swing, hillbilly jazz, and honky tonk, they bring enough old timey cowboy charisma to get folks dancing like it's 1948. From their vintage western sounds to their vintage western suits, Davy Jay Sparrow & His Western Songbirds
have exactly what you're looking for...

Countryside Ride

Good ole Honkytonk, Hard-core Country & Western, Hillbilly, and Western Swing music in, and around, the great city of Portland, Or., and we're all the rage in Amboy.

Boy & Bean

Boy and Bean are a Portland-based swing/jazz trio featuring Luke Short on guitar and vocals, Amber Short on vocals and Andrew Jones on upright bass. Depression-era music is Boy and Bean's primary musical focus, covering songs by artists like The Mills Brothers, The Boswell Sisters and Ella Fitzgerald.



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