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Seven Saturdays

Mulholland Drive, malt scotch, Edinburgh Scotland and Christmas trees may not seem like they have a lot in common, but in the case of Jonathan D. Haskell, orchestrator and multi-instrumentalist for the band, Seven Saturdays, they are the landscape for his cinematic orchestra.

A native Angeleno, Jonathan D. Haskell has spent years working and re-working the subtle melodic nuances that have become the headphone-centric Seven Saturdays. Conceived walking the cobblestone streets of Edinburgh while sipping scotch, Haskell accepted his inescapable fate of never leaving Los Angeles and his impending return. With that, Seven Saturdays embody his love / hate relationship with said city.

"I became more interested in how music made me feel and became a bit more selfish in the type of sounds I wanted to record. I mostly listen to music in my car, and the sounds that moved me the most occurred late at night while driving around the steep slopes and sharp curves of Mulholland Drive. There's nothing like that winding road at midnight... the ebb and flow of swirling tones pouring out from all angles leaves you with a renewed sense of focus and direction."

Seven Saturdays is a direct result of this renewed energy and a reaction to growing up and feeling trapped in Los Angeles. "There is no escaping this city. If you're born here, even if you move away, its impact is always brewing just below the surface."

Seven Saturdays was recorded, produced and mixed by Haskell and Daniel Farris (St. Vincent, The Black Pill) in the shadowy confines of downtown Los Angeles. And contributing everything from heart-pulled strings, down tempo beats, delicate keyboards and distant voices, Seven Saturdays comprises an impressive list of talented musicians including: Lester Nuby (Verbena, Terra Naomi), Morgan Grace Kibby (M83), Mike Garson (David Bowie, Smashing Pumpkins) and Eric Heywood (The Pretenders, Ray LaMontagne).

Initially Seven Saturdays was Haskell's side project, to be kept completely separate from his intricate baby — FIRS, the moniker under which the 10" single "New Hope In Soft Light" was released earlier this year. But as both projects began to mirror themselves in sound and scope, combining FIRS with Seven Saturdays proved to create a more defined vision. Seven Saturdays' eponymous EP is the first release, combining the two projects into one cohesive sound.


Harley Cortez was musically quiet in 2012, choosing to focus on his art and film making career. After years of extensive touring, prolific output, and fronting various bands such as Red Cortez and Just An Animal, "Halfbluud" became the much needed reclusion to 'kick old habits'.

In late 2012, after writing hundreds of songs and playing pop-up shows throughout Los Angeles and New York, the moniker HALFBLUUD took form. A self-titled EP was recorded in Echo Park, CA, in a make shift studio in the shed behind Cortez's abode.

Halfbluud’s latest EP, Shibuya, sounds like a lo-fi, minimalistic, shoe gaze union with a hint of soul which stems from a direct result of reclusion, heartbreak, and world travels.

Black City Lights

Black City Lights are Calum Robb and Julia Catherine Parr—a producer and vocalist duo from Wellington, New Zealand, who are quickly emerging as one of New Zealand’s most talented young bands.

Since releasing their debut EP Parallels on Stars & Letters Records in March 2012, they’ve already been awarded two highly sought-after grants from New Zealand’s government, produced a stunning video for their song “Parallels” with The Masses production team (i.e Beach House, Passion Pit, and Bon Iver), released more than half a dozen luxuriously pulsing remixes, and played with Grimes, Baths, and Van She.

Having kicked off 2013 with lots of headline shows and festival appearances, Black City Lights are about to release a wave of new singles and videos, with their debut album set to release on Stars & Letters this August. And because celebration are in order and young hearts want what young hearts want, Calum and Julia just booked their tickets to the States, where they are about to play three solid months of shows up and down the East and West coasts of America.

Motion CNTRL

motion CNTRL is an la based duo. together they've fine tuned a sound that reflects their ultra modern world with reminiscences of the past. their sound and aesthetic evoke a future where emotion, technology, and harmony collide. motion CNTRL is currently completing the second installment of an EP trilogy set to be released summer 2013.



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