We are a punk band from sunny Minneapolis, MN. What do we sound like? Well, imagine if Jawbreaker, Lawrence Arms and Alkaline Trio got in a knife fight and Jawbreaker won - but just barely. That's what we sound like. Does that even make sense? Probably not.

Nate also plays in The Gateway District and used to play in The Pyongyang Metro and Off With Their Heads. Nate and Nick used to play in Rivethead. Danny used to play in These Riffs and Cave Deaths. Cory also plays in The Manix. We've all had illustrious careers.

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We are The Sex from Tempe, Arizona. Our friends, family and the city we live in are the main influences of our music. In 2008, we started to play our first shows, some of which were with The Joneses, Vice Squad, Lower Class Brats etc. 2009 we put out an EP with 7 songs. 2010-2012 we had a brief hiatus when Casey(spaz) moved to Chicago. In 2012 we got back together when Casey moved back to Tempe. Its been a rough 2nd start but things only get better. Summer of 2013 we will have a new LP on vinyl, iTunes and Bandcamp. Here is our links to all of our pages.


In early 2012, a new French Revolution – of sorts – began. After the demise of Phoenix’s all-girl garage band, The Cosmeticators, vocalist/bassist Chela Mischke and drummer Amy Young were far from ready to stop rocking. They decided to put the word out that they were looking for a guitarist and after a couple of let’s-see-what-happens sessions with interested parties, they ended up with two - Donald Martinez and Mike Durham. Mischke is a veteran in Phoenix rock, having played in The Peeps and Les Hell on Heels prior to the Cosmeticators. Young was in several east coast bands, including Sunset Strippers and Jumping Bomb Girls, before moving to Phoenix. Durham lent his skills to a few different acts over the last decade and Martinez was in some local acts, too, like The Budget Sinatra.

Sharing a love all things French and of stomp-y garage rock, hook-laden power pop, punk, and furious rock and roll, the newly formed French Girls started writing songs around Mischke’s catchy lyrics and the guys’ driving riffs, and within 60 days, began playing live shows. In the year to follow, French Girls – known by their respective French monikers Che Beret, Chiffon Baton, Jean Jacques Clousteau III and Michel OuiOui – played an array of shows around the Phoenix metro area.
The band plays with lots of great area acts and has shared the bill with touring acts like King Tuff, Kepi Ghoulie, Audacity, and Mark Sultan. With a lively and fast-paced live show, the band tries to whip the audience into a frenzy. The live shows continue to gain momentum, with people calling out for their favorites, like “(I Wanna Watch You) Aerobicise” and the “French Girls Theme,” inspiring quotes like this from the Phoenix New Times: “Harkening back to the early "Blitzkrieg Bop" days of punk rock, this local crew has a knack for catchy melodies and sing-a-long-friendly chants that is fun to listen to in any setting. Singer and bassist Che Beret and drummer Chiffon Baton are the lovely ladies anchoring the rhythm section, while the balls of the band, Jean Jacques Clousteau III and Michel Ouioui, churn out grinding guitar riffs and wailing backup vocals.”

The band is continuously writing new tunes and just recorded 6 songs at Phoenix’s infamous Heathenworld Studio as a follow-up to their summer-of-2013 4-song, 7” record. Ooo La La!

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