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Washington DC’s Borracho delivers a groove-laden and epic heavy rock sound that combines soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion. The band draws on deep influences that span multiple decades and genres, encompassing classic rock a-la Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, stoner grooves in the vain of Clutch, Down, and Fu Manchu, and epic metal akin to Metallica, Mastodon and High on Fire, occasionally delving into sludge and doom just enough to topple the fortress. They build upon this foundation with their own brand of sonic richness, delivering a groove-laden and epic heavy rock sound that combines soaring musicality with subterranean propulsion.

The band took root in 2007, when four friends and bandmates set out to create a side-project that would indulge the heavier side of their musical tastes, and challenge their musicianship in new ways. The idea for Borracho was to create a straight-up stoner rock band to feature the vocals of Assrockers drummer Noah. In order to move him out from behind the kit, Adam West/Assrockers lead guitarist Mario moved onto the drums, an instrument he’s dabbled with for years. Adam West bassist Steve picked up his trusty flying V and like a riff machine, began unleashing material that quickly grew beyond the bounds of any one genre, probing further and deeper than his prior musical pursuits and, indeed, than the current group’s expectations. Assrockers rhythm guitarist Tim filled up the critical low end on bass, and the final piece was in place.

The band debuted their first recorded song on a 7” split single with Adam West in summer 2008. This limited edition release of “Rectify” on No Balls Records (Germany) proved Borracho to be a formidable force, and gave fans a taste of what is still to come. Only 300 copies were pressed on clear/black swirled vinyl, and were available only at shows during the Adam West 2008 farewell tour of Europe, with copies occasionally showing up on eBay.

While the band began as a side-project, the disbanding of Adam West after their 2008 tour of Europe and Assrockers’ loss of their 3rd bassist freed up more time for writing, rehearsing, and playing shows. The band recorded a fistful of tracks in the summer of 2009 in an abandoned turn of the century mansion, two of which have been made available as demo tracks. “Concentric Circles” and “Never Get it Right” offer a small, early sampling of what the band would come to offer stylistically.

After a 2010 spent recording additional demos and playing shows with old friends The Brought Low, Black Thai, El Grande, King Giant, and others, Borracho entered Airshow studios in Takoma Park MD in March 2011. With Frank Marchand manning the boards, they were able to finally capture the sounds and tones they’ve been honing since conceiving the band. With a portfolio of classic Maryland doom and stoner rock records under his belt—including Hellhound Records’ “Asylum” and “Balance of Power” from Unorthodox, and “Center of the Universe” and “Life Out There” from Wretched— Frank brought his incredible talents and impeccable taste to the project, helping the band establish layered tones both honey-sweet and sequoia-thick. The result is a 57 minute, sonically devastating, and musically captivating work that achieves utter heaviness without sacrificing melody or musical craftsmanship.

Thee Nosebleeds

"These guys are so grizzled they eat razor blades for breakfast and spit out metal links that they somehow chain together into remarkably catchy songs..." (Racer,

"Absolutely brutal. Thee Nosebleeds play one way: Fast and loud. And really, is there any other way to rock? I think not. The songs themselves are straightforward punk rawk, but the needles are pinned and the energy is awe-inspiring. Yeaargh!" (Jon Worley, A&A Sept 2010)

" Thee Nosebleeds have that raw sound: rough whiskey drinking vocals, aggressive twangy guitars, and songs about drinking, drugs, violence…crap like that." (Bryan Kremkau,

"Somewhere between garage thrash and tentative punk lies Thee Nosebleeds. Guitar-heavy doom mongers (in a good way), Thee Nosebleeds rock their collective asses off on flamethrower-worthy tunes like “Kill Kill Rock ‘N’ Roll/ Miss West Philly USA,” “We Are the Nosebleeds…” well, actually EVERY SONG on their self-titled album. They lay the hammer down time and time again with hard, accessible melodies that are entombed with one of the nastiest rhythm sections this side of The Cramps. While guitars lurch to the forefront, the bass and drums act as catapults, forever pushing the band with whiplash syncopation.
Thee Nosebleeds engagingly clever lyrics and dead-pan humor are just the right balance for a band that knows all too well that we reap what we sow. Thinking man’s shockabilly." (Phil Rainone,

"Thee Nosebleeds have their garage rock n’ roll down. Vocalist Kermit Hell certainly sings like someone who has swallowed one too many pills and one too many hamburguers. His glutonuous tone matches nicely the sludge riot fest that is their song 'Fenderhead'. This ain’t no party, there is something quite bizarre brewing." (, Anthrosphere Vol. 2 review)

"...Thee Nosebleeds have taken little time in developing a sound and putting it to record, on their self-titled debut. That sound is a diverse mix of the history of rock'n'roll condensed into an alcohol-soaked, drug-fueled attitude, driven straightforward like a kick to the sack. The truly dazzling thing about the album is, despite the bare-boned nature of most of the songs, there is an underlying level of technical flair and apt songwriting that allows the tracks to not only hit you with force, but leave a lasting mark."

"...These three musicians have quite honestly found a chemistry amongst themselves that in my opinion is the rare ingredient missing from most rock bands. Almost totally devoid of studio flair, a stripped-bare exhibit of the true nature of rock'n'roll, and done in a manner that simultaneously pays tribute to the innovators while adding their own stamp on things; the only negative I can find is that, not including the last track, the album is less than 30 minutes long. I am left wanting more, more, more..."(Kevin Sellers,

"...Thee Nosebleeds, besides imagining a gory depiction of music spewing and the final product coagulating in an explosive rock-punk blend, have hellish fury and moxie. This CD is a total blast." (Melissa Kucirek,

Weed Is Weed

"Green" influenced rock 'N roll from Maryland.

Wizard Eye

Named after a never-ending storm on the surface of Neptune and inspired by a love of rock, metal, psychedelia, doom and riffs, the Philadelphia-based band formed in late 2007. The group proceeded to write songs, play shows and go through changes. The trio presently comprises three like-minded brethren with two decades of music under their collective belts. Erik sings, plays guitar and occasionally works a theremin. Dave sings and plays bass. Scott plays drums.

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