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The Cabin Project

After years on the road, playing every kind of venue you can imagine, cabin project lead- katie sawicki settled into her Portland, OR home for a year to garden, knit, write, drink whiskey with friends and make a record in her upstairs studio of doug fir and red walls. – The result was the Cabin Project, released this past December to packed room full of warmth at Portland's Mississippi Studios. In the process of making the record, these new sounds turned into the band- the Cabin Project.

Layered vocals, long cello lines, electronic melodies and strong drums define this set of five. Hailed as a "Singstress, Songwriter, Lyrical Genius" (Encore Magazine), cabin project lead Sawicki brings the group together over wine and melodies- anthemic, intricate and wide open for collaboration. The group is quickly making a name for itself in Portland, OR, bringing emotion and heart back to the music industry.

Christopher Benson spent 15 years of his music career leading something of a double life. He played guitars, steel, bass and drums in indie rock bands first in Pittsburg, PA, and then the thriving Seattle scene alongside members of Sufjan Stevens, Deep Sea Diver, Pedro the Lion, Damien Jurado, The Long Winters, Robert Deeble, Jen Wood, Rosie Thomas, The Maldives, Pickwick and on and on; a player often tapped to step in and play other people’s songs.

At the same time, Chris was creating lo-fi home recordings of songs he was constantly writing, many that only exist now in the form of cassette tapes, and scratched CDs with black marker labels. He shared them only with close friends and family. It was work carried out in secret, often drawing comparisons to both early 70’s singer songwriters, and early 90’s freak folkers.

That changed in 2012 when he moved to Portland. He wanted to pursue a sound that the acoustic guitar and SM58 microphone couldn’t give him; a sound with teeth and drums and electric guitars. Soon he formed Supercrow with Alexandra Geffell (The Cabin Project) on drums, Jake Rohr (Fort Union, Kelli Shaefer) on bass and Gonzalo Villa (Ripe Red Apple) on second guitar. Their first practice space was in a three sided warehouse (a tugboat had taken out the fourth wall) on the Willamette. Shows were played. An EP was released.

This new self-titled LP was recorded mostly live at Old Town Music (where Chris runs a guitar amp repair and custom shop), Alexandra’s parents house, and Fluff and Gravy Studios. It is organized according to two themes: side one deals with mental illness and depression and has a mellow ambient bent, while side two is more concerned with the big questions of human existence and relies more on big guitars and drums. It has taken countless hours of work and emotional investment to get it right.

We hope you like it.

Bedroom pop genius and accomplished photographer Robbie Augspurger has been making home recordings for over a decade. As a teen he spent hours analyzing stereo mixes of Beatles albums, listening to each song one channel at a time on his dad's audiophile hi-fi system. Since then, Robbie has recorded a wealth of releases under a variety of monikers and side-projects. His latest project, Ozarks, offers up some of his most complex and well-crafted songwriting to date, emerging with a very unique modern baroque-pop sound. --Wil-Ru Records



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