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Halfro formed in Philadelphia in 2009 originally under the name “Chocolate Milk”. Their sound blends classic, gritty, hip-hop rhythms with floating melodies, and honest lyrics. Writing and performing their songs with real instruments, Halfro is one just a few true bands in hip-hop today. Vocalist Dave Patrick met producer and keyboardist Andrew Aulenbach in high school, and they began work on a mixtape for Patrick. Drummer Justin Davis was featured on several tracks of the group’s first project, and became an integral member shortly thereafter. While studying at Temple University, the trio met bassist Luke Reitz and saxophonist Curtis Arnett. They immediately began writing and recording original music and making rounds at local live venues. Select performances include opening for Wale and Chiddy Bang at the Liacouras Center (Philadelphia Concert venue), as well as playing on bills with Nikki Jean, Dice Raw, Shinobi Ninja, Mic Stewart and a list of others. Halfro continues to push the boundaries of music through their exploration of sound, and strives to create hardworking, humble hip-hop.

Mad Men

In AD 2101, a secret underground committee of funk all-stars was convened to discuss the ultimate fate of humanity. Unless peace could be established retroactively through time travel and heavy jamming, civilization would collapse within five years. The Biebocracy had taken over, flooding the airwaves with painfully contrived, flat “Top 40″ pop music and running true aficionados out of the world’s cities. Forced to live on the margins of society, the ancient traditions of true organic jazz, funk, reggae and hip-hop had been all but forgotten…until the fateful Meeting.
The Jam Council discovered through graphs that if the greatest band of all time could somehow be sent back in time to the early 21st century, the course of history could be permanently altered to create a brilliant future for the human race. Knowing they would need a solid foundation, these brave souls searched high and low for the perfect rhythm section. They found Jason Smith living in the wilderness, barefoot and unwashed, shedding Parker tunes with a pack of werewolves. At great risk they captured him and managed to domesticate him over a period of months, but one piece was still missing. They quickly filled this space with Greg Harris: a science experiment gone horribly right, genetically engineered for maximum groove and raised by pan-dimensional energy beings who manifested as a vintage 1978 Gretsch kit in our reality.
In his 1981 paper, “Bubblegarthian groove planes intersecting with unfunky sound fields created by post-apocalyptic governments”, Buddy Rich predicted the arrival of a great musical force when appropriate rhythm section conditions were met. This prediction was validated by the sudden appearance of Mike Dempsey at the first meeting of Jason and Greg. He arrived fully-formed from an alternate universe where everyone has prodigious skill on the Rhodes and immediately began to create a strong rhythmic platform with the melodious underpinnings of a truly crunchy jam, brah. Only one piece to the puzzle was missing, and the Funkfathers knew they would need to go far to find it.
Eventually, in the center of the sun, Brian Maag was created in a fusion reaction. The deep, resounding tones of his PRS rocked the galaxy when he was born, and again, at great risk to their own lives, our heroes retrieved him for the project they knew would restore the music of the human race to its former glory – and probably save everyone’s lives, as a fringe benefit. Once this lineup was completed, an infinite groove began to flow, and try as they might, the scientists were unable to stop it.
Far away on the surface of the uninhabited planet Grooveomat476-B, a puddle shaped like a set of agogos was forming the first self-replicating molecules – PNA (Percussojamose Nucleic Acid). Due to strange conditions along the probability axis, these self-replicating molecules evolved into only one organism over the course of 12 billion years: Scot Edwards and his percussion set, which is actually an organ of his own body controlled by telekinesis. On a nearby asteroid, a course collision with a passing alien spaceship mutated two cells into Zaid Matthews and Jamar Tyler. They spent years listening to the melodic beauty of the celestial bodies and teleported to Earth on the same day as Scot to finalize what they knew was their destiny.
The Jam Council knew that only one man was fit to wield this powerful force: Romano Gelsomino, the greatest sound engineer in the history of the entire universe. They were placed in his care, and Our Heroes stepped into a time capsule, evolving back in the year 2011 as the Pennsylvania band…

The Red Shift Experiment

The Red Shift Expriment truly is an experiment that has evolved into a full fledge outfit. We are four very different musicians that have been brought together through the common goal of playing music for people. We love playing live and giving it our all. We like to think we can set ourselves apart from the current scene in PA. We're not a hardcore band, we play rock n' roll.

Max Random

The Max Random Story:
He is an Alien Stoner sent down onto earth as an emissary for good will & good times.This is what you listen to when your tired of predictable, RANDOM.

$7.00 - $9.00


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