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Meet Tauk, a band that delivers a unique blend of funk, jazz, pop and rock with a fresh, experimental spirit. Since forming earlier this decade, the NYC-based group has built an impressive DIY buzz scoring opening gigs for O.A.R, MOE., Robert Randolph & the Family Band, 311, Tea Leaf Green, a set at Gathering of the Vibes (alongside Buddy Guy and Bob Weir & RatDog) and a feature on Fuse TV. Most recently, the band announced upcoming gigs at Bonnaroo, Hangout Music Fest, Summer Camp Music Fest, Great South Bay Music Fest and Peach Festival with The Allman Brothers.

Legendary sound engineer, Dave Natale (Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac), invited Tauk into his studio in late 2011 to record the band’s latest album, “Pull Factors.” The band then teamed up with Grammy-winning producer Robert Carranza (Jack Johnson, Mars Volta) to harness the band’s eclectic vision creating entirely instrumental new tracks. “What’s compelling is the raw power of the band, from their light moments to full-out jamming. Music is a language that some feel and others speak – and Tauk do both very well" adds Carranza.

The band set out to record their new EP in 2011, and the combined mentorship of Robert Carranza and Dave Natale enabled the band to expand their musical boundaries. “Working with Dave Natale at his studio was great because he was willing to put in the extra time to allow us to try out new sounds and work parts out in different ways to see what worked best” says Jalbert. He went on to explain how Robert Carranza “took the rough mixes and breathed new life into them. Being able to work with someone who understands our music and knows how to give it what it needs as much as Robert does is truly a blessing.”

Tauk’s tunes are adventurous in scope, but the band’s origins are humble. Bassist Charlie Dolan, keyboardist-organist Alric “A.C.” Carter and guitarist Matt Jalbert met as teenagers in middle school and instantly connected over a shared passion for music.

While most high-school bands break up when they head off to college, Tauk’s musical bond survived over long distances. The three members majored in music in college, and Tauk regularly performed over school breaks. After graduating, they hit the road in the fall/winter of 2010 to play nearly 40 shows in a national tour playing in almost all of the major and small markets across the country. During this time they had the opportunity to open for largely established acts like Robert Randolph, MOE, 311, and Tea Leaf Green.

With a new album under their belt and an impressive summer lineup of shows, Tauk plans to continue to push the envelope of their musical vision, and bring that vision to all those who are listening around the country.

Gravity A

Self-described New Orleans funktronica band Gravity A seems transported out of some entity’s syncopated dream. There is so much raw energy and dynamic movement in their music that at times, it feels almost chaotic. Chaos never sounded so good. Gravity A’s musical talents are obvious to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of having their ears blessed by one of their brilliant and stylish auricular fusions. The ferocious complexity and dizzying pace of some of their hypersonic assaults is perfectly balanced by the inebriating depth and beautiful accessibility of their slower compositions. The band members—Andrew “Drew Meez on da Keys” Meehan on keys, organ, and synths; Michael “Fou” Fouquier on drums; Devin “Deving Devine” Kerrigan on bass; and Danny “The Most” Abel on guitar—are all NOLA natives. The band formed in New Orleans in 2004, and it is very clear that the musical heritage of this great city runs deep within them. All that ability, energy, skill, and focus is poured into Gravity A’s live shows in a way that’s bound to ensure anyone a great concert experience. When Gravity A jams out, they really jam out! Some of their shows have been known to keep on rocking until the cock crows. Their raw skill and insane facemelting improvisations are as good, if not better, than any that you’ve ever seen. Gravity A keeps the beat grooving to get your body and your feet moving. When it comes to live shows, it doesn’t get much better than this.


Suchaporn was founded in February 2012 by Nicola Wincenc, Russell Holzman, Lucio Westmoreland and Nick Katz. They have spent the past year honing their skills at various venues around New York City, from The Bitter End to the special NO!R New York fashion week kick off this past September. When the quartet was featured in TWELV magazine they were described as, "the insolent grandchildren of the 70s" and "little terrors [that] have a knack for toe-curling guitar lines, and heavy psychedelic grooves." To fully understand Suchaporn, one must witness one of their sprawling forays. 

Ishmael is a band that does things their own way. Surrounded by groups that focus on short form songs, Ishmael is a band focused on expansion. An amalgam of many genres, ranging from 70′s European Prog music to 80′s New Wave, to Post-Modern grit, the band has forged their own ineffable brand of invigorating and innovative music.
New York natives, the band is Nick Otte on bass guitar and lead vocals, Andy Werle on guitar and Aaron Silberstein on percussion. The band has been honing their visceral yet stylized sound since 2008, taking it on the road and sharing with ecstatic crowds all over the East Coast. With a strong presence in the college music scene, Ishmael disseminated their music through word of mouth and through the dedication of their loyal fans.
The band has frequented venues such as The Knitting Factory (NY), The Cameo Gallery (NY), Sullivan Hall (NY), Arlene’s Grocery (NY), The Middle East (MA), Death by Audio (NY),  Casa Del Popolo (Montreal), The Fire (PA), and The Radio Bean (VT). They have opened for and played with artists such as Dan Deacon, Beach Fossils, Asa Ransom, The Static Jacks, and Anamanaguchi.


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